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In a parallel world reminiscent of our own WWII era, pilots take to the skies with stylized aircraft carriers and devastating weaponry! Inspired by the wildly popular 80's arcade series, all new 1942: Joint Strike combines classic top-down vertical shooter gameplay with updated 3D HD graphics and online play. Skillfully maneuver your aircraft to take on massive waves of incoming enemy fire while ducking and dodging explosions and missiles! Face off with huge enemy bosses in death-defying dogfights. Recruit a wing man locally or online to work together and pull off new “Joint Strike” attacks, combining the powers of both..

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Scroll down to read our guide named "FAQ And Walkthrough" for 1942: Joint Strike on Xbox 360 (X360), or click the above links for more cheats. Tweet 1942 Joint Strike FAQ/Achievement Guide V1.0 Written by Paul Acevedo Created on: 07/30/08 Updated on: 07/30/08 Contents: 1.

For 1942: Joint Strike on the PlayStation 3, GameFAQs has 1 guide/walkthrough.

For 1942: Joint Strike on the Xbox 360, GameFAQs has 1 guide/walkthrough.

1942 Joint Strike video walkthrough guide. Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more.

1942 Joint Strike video walkthrough guide. Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more.

No console ports exist. The final arcade game in the series, 1944, came out in 2000. It's the only other game besides Joint Strike that is not developed by Capcom, as 8ing/Raizing did the work. 1944 saw no console ports either. 1942: Joint Strike is either the sixth official game in the series or a remake of the first game.

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1942: Joint Strike is a remake that utilizes different elements of the 19xx series developed by Capcom for arcades during the 1980’s. It’s a shoot ‘em up where you control a plane and fight through...


You can control one of three military aircraft, on which you need to defeat all enemies. This is a great sequel of the #1942 series.1 player gameplay.Thumbs ...

1942: Joint Strike (XBOX 360) Desarrollador/Developer: Backbone Entertainment Distribuidor/Publisher: Capcom Versión/Version: EU Lanzamiento/Launch: 23/07/20...


  • Capcom U.S.A
  • Backbone Entertainment

Game Data

Release date(s): XBLA, July 23, 2008, PSN, July 24, 2008: PAL

Genre(s): Vertically scrolling shooter

Mode(s): Single player, multiplayer

Game Background

1942: Joint Strike is a video game developed by Backbone Entertainment for Xbox 360 through Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 3 through PlayStation Network. It was released in 2008. It is the remake of the original 1984 video game 1942. Despite the name, the game is an amalgamation of various elements of the 19XX series. For example, it includes health meter and bomb system from 1943: The Battle of Midway; charge-fire, land-based battle sections; and rank increases from 1941: Counter Attack, fighter lineup, bomb-based end-level bonus, level rank system from 19XX: The War Against Destiny.


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