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- 50Year's is the strategy game that you protect clan and nations.

- The number of nations is 11 and they have their own unique units.

- You can make use of various strategies because clan members have many kinds of characters and ability levels.

- You need to locate simple AIs and engage 5:5 battles.

- You have to think about clan management as well as food, and the population of the nations.

- Every 10 years, strong enemies will invade. If you cannot protect, the game will be over.

- The difficulty level of the game is quite..



Welcome to the walkthrough for 50 Years. The game sells itself as a faster-paced alternative to big strategy games. Whereas games like Civilization can take up days to finish a single game, 50 ...

Page 3 of the full game walkthrough for 50 Years. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.

50 Years Walkthrough Please note that the details below reflect the time and playthroughs required to get all the Achievements in this walkthrough.

Game Discussion: 50 Years. 100% Achievement Guide. TG Fireflex465,585


50 Years is a lightweight strategy game that scratches a few little itches for me as a player. Let's check it out! ... Shadow Plague Walkthrough (Mega Brutal) - Duration: 31:48. Pravus Gaming ...

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Bertram Yacht's 50th Anniversary is documented with this historical account of founder Richard "Dick" Bertram and Bertram Yacht's 50 Year History. Re-live the chronological events that made ...

Good method to complete game is play easy difficulty as Americans.Start by getting peasants and swordsman to 10 and 4 respectively. Get some chicken farms an...

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