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When you buy A.D. 2044, Sołtys (PL) and Skaut Kwatermaster (PL) will be included as bonus goodies for free!

The future is now, the year 2044 to be exact and the world has changed dramatically. Male civilisation is on the verge of extinction. Genetic engineering has made human reproduction possible without the need for man's involvement. Women have decided to fight their final battle and to shape the world the way they want it.

But if that's not enough, women have a new laser weapon which kills only men, and the few remaining men are being turned into "she clones"..



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AD 2044 video walkthrough guide. Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more.

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A.D. 2044 is a nice adventure game. Captive in a small room the player have to look for different tricky things to escape. . Played through modern Windows machine.

AD 2044 a.k.a. sex-mission - first part of complete play through the game :) The game was developed by Roland Pantoła and published by LK Avalon in 1993 for Atari XL/XE microcomputer. The game is ...

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  • L.K. Avalon


Game Background

A.D. 2044 is a Polish adventure game by LK Avalon, released September 9, 1996 on Windows.