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Aim Hero is an ultimate solution for practicing firing accuracy to do better in FPS games.


  • Mouse sensitivity settings imported from popular games;
  • More than 8 training modes, 3 difficulty levels each (We are going to add 5 modes in few weeks);
  • Detailed statistics is provided as each training is completed;
  • The best scores are saved automatically;

Games you may use to set your mouse sensitivity:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
  • Overwatch;
  • PUBG;
  • Fortnite;
  • Paladins;
  • Rainbow Six Siege;
  • Quake Champions.

We are going to add more games on the list.

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User guides and tips for Aim Hero game on Windows PC. Anyone can ask walkthrough tips and share own comments about Aim Hero game on PCPowerGaming.com. Most detailed tips for every game.

Aim Hero Game » consists of 0 releases . This is a game that helps users improve their aim in games such as Overwatch and CSGO with custom settings for the user to twiddle in, with different modes this game allows the user to improve their reflects, flick-shooting and/or tracking.

Detailed walkthrough and user guides for Aim Hero game on Windows PC. Ask cheats and share own comments about Aim Hero on KeyboardPlays.com. Most detailed tips for every game.

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aim hero guide, A hero of the Soviet Union, Alexander Fadin was a T-34 commander. Supported by one infantry platoon, Fadin managed to capture and hold the Dashukovka village for 5 hours with one tank, and destroyed 3 tanks, 1 half-track, 2 mortars and 12 machine gun nests.

There are several Aim Trainers on STEAM. I use KovaaK 2.0. Before I used Aim Hero. And I'd also recommend Aimtastic because I think this one is free. But I feel that Kovaak 2.0 is probably the best one. Carefully adjust your sens (for PUBG use UE 4) to match those you use in the game.

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In this video Aim Hero a FPS mouse aiming practice game in which you practice you mouse aiming by shooting targets in a variety of modes and maps which test different type of target acquisition.

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