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Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop is a standalone expansion pack to Alien Swarm developed by Valve. The base game is included.


In distant future, the interplanetary travel was finally made possible. One planet was classified by the government for establishing a secret research base. It got overrun by aliens who were brought to the planet for research. A super elite squad was sent to deal with this problem.


Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop is a cooperative top-down shooter. While only four-player squads were present in the base game, the limit was brought up to eight for the expansion pack.




Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop was a mod for Alien Swarm, but is now a full game.

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The mission specific guidance is not meant to be a walkthrough. Not every detail is mentioned because that would be a waste of your reading time. ... If you feel so inclined, follow the link below to see the maps for all the missions of the Alien Swarm Reactive Drop campaigns. The 'Observations' section may prove useful, too.


Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Gameplay Walkthrough #1. Let's Play Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Single-Player First look.Subscribe for more Alien Swarm: Reactive D...

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Alien Swarm Reactive Drop Single-Player Gameplay Walkthrough. Alien Swarm Reactive Drop Playthrough PC. Let's Play Alien Swarm Reactive Drop live.Subscribe f...

Let's play Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop with Noob. Firstlook,walkthrough,playthrough and gameplay all included in this series. Co-operative top-down shooter ga...

Doing a full game playthrough with Dew in the top-down shooter game Alien Swarm Reactive Drop, very nice and free to play on steam!Subscribe Today! https:/...

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