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The Arts And Crafts Of Allods Online. The one thing that makes the equipment in Allods Online really stand out is when it’s crafted by other players. All the items players loot from monsters or chests absolutely pale in comparison to a well-crafted item from a player, and it’s all thanks to the crafting mechanic present in Allods Online.

A walkthrough for partying, completing quests and finding the right NPCs to get off the starter island on Allods Online. There are also some tips and hints for the story quests and sub-quests on the game.

One of the biggest new MMORPGs released is gPotato's sci-fi fantasy astral-oriented title, Allods Online. The game has a lot to offer, which can leave a lot of gamers feeling confused. This beginner guide covers all the necessities for playing on the side of the Empire.

This is the first part of a walkthrough for Allods Online and questing in the Coba Plateau. This guide covers all the basics including treasure locations and how to complete some of the more difficult quests in the Coba Plateau.

Allods Online: Newbie Walkthrough For Summoners. Allods Online / By William Usher / GameName, MMORPG Games, PC. A Walkthrough For Summoning. The one class that is probably entirely simplified for gameplay within Allods Online is the Summoner class. It’s a class that has a few magical abilities, light melee capabilities and even the option to ...

This intermediate walkthrough for Allods Online will give gamers a brief look at strategies for completing some quests as well as vital locations of important quest items, such as the under water treasure and completing the Unicorn and Baba Yaga amulet quests.

A Walkthrough For Wardens. New players hopping onto the astral ship express known as Allods Online probably are completely clueless on what classes to play and why. And it’s true, Allods has one of the largest caches of playable classes and sub-classes in an MMORPG and a ton of gamers would probably like a little bit of insight on how they work in-game and what makes them worth playing.


Allods Online RU p2p - Raid and maybe some 3v3 - Duration: 4:52:18. Woltiz 595 views. 4:52:18. ... THE LAST OF US 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (Last of Us Part 2) ...

Part 5 of The Character Creation The 2nd Allods Online Closed Beta.

Allods Online - Character Creation Walkthrough - Part 1 - Duration: 3:01. TheGreatKingChiba Recommended for you. 3:01. Allods Online Gameplay - First Look HD [Open Beta] - Duration: 10:31.

In this episode we reach Novograd! Description of the game: Allods Online has many traditional MMORPG elements such as quests, NPCs, and dungeons. It also has an element that is fairly unique ...

Allods Online - Walkthrough in Russian - New quests 80-85lvl! 10 0 edge of the world! No. 7 / PC by Gaming Merrymaker. 13:33. Allods Online - gameplay for the Russian - Game review 10.0 edge of ...




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  • Astrum Nival

Game Data

Release date(s): October 21, 2010 NA: May 11, 2011

Genre(s): Fantasy MMORPG

Mode(s): Multiplayer

Game Background

Allods Online is a free-to-play 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Allods Team, formerly Astrum Nival, and published by Mail.Ru Group globally, with the international version operated by their subsidiary My.com. The game was originally released in North America on May 11, 2011. Following on from Rage of Mages, Rage of Mages II: Necromancer, Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul, and Evil Islands: Lost in Astral, Allods Online takes the RPG elements of the original games and presents them in an MMORPG. Developed with a $12 million budget, it is available as a free online game with a simple registration required to play and while no ongoing subscription is required to play, some items are only available in the Items Shop, which allows the developers to profit through a system of microtransactions.