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Altitude is a multiplayer combat game developed by Erik Measure and Karl Sabo in 2009.


This is a classic 2-D arcade with simple gameplay and old-school design. The player aims to win in aerial battles performing in one-person battles, where computer bots can be used instead of other players or as a team player.

The pace of each battle is fast so that this game may change the player’s skills. As the player gains experience in battles, new planes and customizations are unlocked. A significant part of controlling is concentrated on the mouse. The usual amount of players per..

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"Altitude Sickness" was a job for Sly Cooper, Murray and Rioichi in "Turning Japanese" of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. 1 Objective 2 Goals 3 Walkthrough 3.1 Part 1 3.2 Part 2 3.3 Part 3 3.4 Part 4 3.5 Sly Mask locations 4 Video The Cooper Gang is ready for the final operation to take down El...

Altitude is a multiplayer 2D aerial combat game developed and published by Nimbly Games featuring a cartoony art style, unlockable planes, and perks.

Altitude: ----- The box next to the Pokeball, is the Altitude display. This box tells you how high you are above the ground. The higher you are, the higher the number.

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Altitude Adjustment. Altitude Adjustment is a unique challenge level that has Yoshi piloting a plane. To make the plane dip down, stand at the front (on the red section). To make the plane go up ...

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Take an in-depth detailed walkthrough of the brilliant new Avalanche forward fold, off-road camper trailer from Altitude Campers.

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3D walkthrough of Altitude Rochester trampoline park installation in by Trampoline Park Equipment. Visit our portfolio page to check our other trampoline par...




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