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Animaniacs (アニマニアックス, Animaniakkusu) are a series of platform video games developed by Konami, based on the hit animated series of the same name. Two games were developed featuring significantly different gameplay and storylines; one for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and one for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and Game Boy. The SNES and Genesis versions were released in 1994, and the Game Boy version in 1995.



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ANIMANIACS - THE GREAT EDGAR HUNT (NINTENDO GAMECUBE) OFFICIAL GAMEPLAYWORLD GAME GUIDE, WRITTEN BY MATT SUTTON (aka KYLE GON JINN) ----- CONTENTS ----- SECTION 1 - Version History SECTION 2 - Introduction SECTION 3 - Game Controls SECTION 4 - Edgar Checklist SECTION 5 - Inventory Locations SECTION 6 - Script Page Locations SECTION 7 - ACME Letter Locations SECTION 8 - Chicken Boo Locations ...

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Walkthrough of the 1994 Sega Mega Drive / Genesis game - Animaniacs. Played by Chinger (www.bit16.ru).

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Longplay of Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt, played on the PAL GameCube. This game's version was released on May 27th, 2005. Please give the video a like!




  • Konami Digital Entertainment
  • Factor 5

Game Data

Created by: Tom Ruegger (uncredited)

Voices of: Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille, John Mariano, Chick Vennera, Maurice LaMarche, Frank Welker, Bernadette Peters, Nancy Cartwright, Julie Brown

Theme music composer: Richard Stone

Composer(s): Richard Stone, Steven Bernstein, Julie Bernstein, Gordon Goodwin, Carl Johnson, J. Eric Schmidt

Country of origin: United States

No. of seasons: 5

No. of episodes: 99 (274 segments)

Executive producer(s): Steven Spielberg

Producer(s): Tom Ruegger, Rich Arons, Sherri Stoner, Rusty Mills, Peter Hastings

Running time: 22 minutes

Production company(s): Warner Bros. Animation, Amblin Entertainment

Distributor: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Original network: Fox Kids (1993–1995), Kids' WB (1995–1998)

Picture format: NTSC

Audio format: Stereo (1993–1995), Dolby Surround (1996–1998)

Followed by: Animaniacs (2020–present)

Related shows: Tiny Toon Adventures, The Plucky Duck Show, Freakazoid, Pinky and the Brain, Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain

Game Background

Animaniacs is an American animated comedy musical television series created by Tom Ruegger for Fox Broadcasting Company's Fox Kids block, before moving to The WB in 1995, as part of its Kids' WB afternoon programming block, until the series ended in 1998. It is the second animated series produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Animation, after Tiny Toon Adventures. It initially ran a total of 99 episodes, along with a feature-length film, Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish. Reruns later aired on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Animaniacs is a variety show, with short skits featuring a large cast of characters. While the show had no set format, the majority of episodes were composed of three short mini-episodes, each starring a different set of characters, and bridging segments. Hallmarks of the series included its music, satirical social commentary, pop culture references, character catchphrases, and innuendo directed at an adult audience.


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