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The Gods of Olympus have abandoned humanity, leaving you to perish without their benevolence. Take up arms against the Gods, climb Mount Olympus, and take their divine powers for yourself to ensure mankind’s survival!

Apotheon is a fast and brutal 2D action game with a striking art style and heroic narrative based on Ancient Greek Mythology.


-Brutal and bloody bronze-aged combat! Slay your enemies with swords, spears, arrows, and other ancient weapons of war.

-Explore the massive open world of Mount Olympus! Battle mythical beings and search for divine treasure across the Forests of Artemis, the Palaces of Apollo,..

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Apotheon is an action platformer set in the mythical world of Ancient Greece. It’s a fast and brutal game that has you playing the role of a young warrior battling against the Olympian gods. Apotheon has a unique art style inspired by ancient Greek pottery. Along the way you’ll find many different weapons and shields to use.

Apotheon > Guides > Psychedelic Adventurer's Guides ... Note: This is NOT a walkthrough to the game. It's simply tips to make the struggle that much easier. Now without further ado, let's get on with it. The long road ahead First of all, this is one of "those" games. It wants you to play through the game at least twice, and I don't hold it ...

One Angry Gamer 'Alientrap Games recently released Apotheon for the PS4 and PC. The game has been in the making for a short while and instantly caught the attention of some gamers thanks to its Greek-pottery inspired art-style and open-world design. Well, for those of you having a hard time getting past some of the segments, or looking for a detailed walkthrough to see what the gameplay is ...

Apotheon Walkthrough and Guide. Welcome to the Apotheon Walkthrough where our team of contributors will help you work through the game via a step-by-step tutorial. A Gamewise walkthrough aims to take you all the way through the game to 100% completion including unlockable quests and items.

Apotheon is a 2D side scrolling action-adventure title in the vein of Super Metroid or Castlevania Symphony of the Night. You travel around various areas of Olympus based on ancient Greek myths and...

Apotheon is a 2D platform action-RPG set on the rich stage of ancient Greek mythology. Only by stripping the old gods of their powers, and taking control of the elements as your own, can humanity ...

Apotheon is a 2D sidescrolling action game based on Greek Mythology. While its level design is similar to that of a Metroidvania-type game (like Guacamelee! or Super Metroid), with many secrets and collectibles to find, it does not bestow the player with powerups that enhance that player's mobility as the game progresses.


Apotheon Walkthrough - Part 1 Gameplay / let's play/ playthrough 1080p 60 FPS PC / PS4 Fun game with great art The Gods of Olympus have abandoned humanity, leaving you to perish without their ...

Apotheon Walkthrough Part 23 No Commentary by Noire Blue. 22:39. Apotheon Walkthrough Part 24 No Commentary by Noire Blue. 25:50. Apotheon Walkthrough Part 25 Ending No Commentary

Apotheon Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary Gameplay Apotheon is a 2D platform action-RPG set on the rich stage of ancient Greek mythology. Hera, the queen of ...

We start as Nikandreos in the Village of Dion. Things don't look so good. Let's play this side-scrolling action game set in ancient Greece with a wonderful Greek pottery style.

Apotheon - Walkthrough FINAL BOSS (zeus) + ENDING Gameplay / let's play 1080p 60 FPS Easy fight with DMG boost potion :) Liked the 2nd part of the fight more The Gods of Olympus have abandoned ...


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Game Data

Release date(s): Windows, PS4 WW: February 3, 2015 OS X, Linux WW: February 10, 2015

Genre(s): Platform, Metroidvania

Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer

Game Background

Apotheon is a platform game developed and published by Alientrap for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and PlayStation 4. The game was released on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 on February 3, 2015 and on OS X and Linux on February 10, 2015. Apotheon is Alientrap's second commercial game and utilizes a unique art style based on ancient Greek pottery, particularly in the black-figure pottery style.