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First appearing in arcades in 1981, the masterpiece GALAGA finally comes to Steam!

Move the fighter left and right, and destroy the waves of incoming aliens in this space-age shooter.

Destroy all the enemies to advance to the next stage!

Retrieve a captured fighter and combine into a Dual Fighter!

Try your hand at Challenging Stages that appear after every few levels, and aim for a perfect score!

With multiple enemy formations, the high-risk, high-reward of the Dual Fighter, and the Challenging Stages, there's plenty here for even the most hardcore players!

This latest port comes with scanline and sound..



Full game walkthrough for all 20 Achievements in ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGA. It should take between 4 and 8 hours to complete.

3. ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGA Stages 1-8. The first eight levels that you'll have to go through serve as a pretty good tutorial for what's to come. Below are some tips and other bits of ...

2. ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGA General Hints & Tips. Mess with the game's settings as soon as you can and turn Choose Level on. Set the maximum amount of lives up too, because there's no reason not ...

ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGA walkthrough. How to unlock the Stage 31 Perfect achievement. Zedarboy1,621,924. 26 Apr 2016 26 Apr 2016 26 Apr 2016. 38 7 10. Unless you are going for .

6. ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGA Stages 25-32. The toughest of the required stages lay here. Hopefully you've gotten the previous Challenging Stage achievements out of the way so you don't have to ...

Walkthrough Step 0 - Save exploit. Thanks to the ability to save at any time during the game and there is a way to exploit this in your advantage because when you hit "save & quit", the game returns you to the main menu.

arcade game series: galaga stages 17-24 You'll be getting the last of the miscellaneous achievements in this quarter of the game. As before, there are two more Challenging Stages to practice and ...


Arcade Game Series Galaga - Escape Artist Trophy ... ACA NeoGeo Savage Reign Walkthrough All Achievements - Duration: 22:02. Evil Alucard 429 views. 22:02. ... Arcade Game Series: ...

Arcade Game Series Galaga - Dual Fighter Trophy ... Achievements Walkthrough - Duration: 11:42. Durexiq 5,406 views. 11:42. ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGA - High Score Strategy - Duration: 18:07 ...

Arcade Game Series - Stage 11 Perfect Trophy Trophy Germany. ... Arcade Game Series Galaga ... [Road to 100%] Arcade Game Series: Galaga - Achievements Walkthrough - Duration: 11:42. Durexiq ...

A medium difficulty game for the ps4 utilize the back up save method to make it easier to finish.

Getting a perfect score in Stage 31 in Galaga on the XBox One. A full walkthrough of the entire game can be found below. TrueAchievements Walkthrough: https:...



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