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For Armored Core 3 on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 7 guides and walkthroughs.

]-----[Mission Walkthroughs]-----[ The following is a walkthrough of the missions of Armored Core 3. Since the missions really do not have much of a set order to follow, the missions are arranged first by the Layer/Area in which they occur, and then by the order they appear to be played.

For Armored Core 3 on the PlayStation 2, Guide and Walkthrough by DashXero.

This is a walkthrough for Armored Core 3: Silent Line. I will tell you how to beat missions, and find some parts (I'll try and find all of them...) I wrote this guide for mainly helping with the...

Armored Core 3 Walkthrough & Strategy Guide. Published: Jan 10, 2002. Garage. Building an AC unique to you it's at least 75% of the fun of Ar I'mored Core 3 (though so I'me I'may be convinced that it?s all of it) but we know how it can be: AC overweight, not sufficient energy, and lots and lots of dying. If we I'may... we have so I'me suggestions.

Walkthrough - FAQ/Walkthrough Walkthrough for Armored Core 3 Playstation 2: Armored Core 3Author: Dash-XE-mail: [email protected]: 2.2Contents-----1. Version History2. Introduction3. General Tips4. Guide A. 1st Layer: District 2 B. 3rd Layer: Industrial Research C. 1st Layer: Nature Area D. 1st Layer: Special Research E. 3rd Layer: District 1 F. 2nd Layer: Waste Disposal G. 4th Layer ...

From the previous game Armored Core 3, Silent Line is an expansion. The story begins where Armored Core 3 has left. Please read the official story from Fromsoftware below: Mankind's underground...

After saving and resuming in Armored Core 3 from that memory card, pause the game, then press L1 + R2 + X + Square + D-pad to get a first person view of the current screen. Note: The screen will return to normal when the game is resumed. Drop parts. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Triangle to drop your R arm weapon, Back Unit, and Inside parts.

Recover Data Capsules is a mission in Armored Core 3. 1 Information 2 Briefing 3 Enemies 4 Dialogue 5 Consort 6 Walkthrough 7 Trivia Requester: Crest Advance: 0 Upon success: 32000 Operation Area: Conservation Area Enemy Forces: Unknown Objective: Recover all data capsules Operation Code: Shower Bath Client Name: Crest Place Name: Conservation Area Start Time: 17:30 Security Level: 2 Estimated ...


A full 100% walkthrough for Armored Core 3.

A full walkthough for Armored Core 3. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Armored Core 3 depicts a world where mankind has returned underneath the Earth's surface after a catastrophic global nuclear ...



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Game Data

Series: Armored Core

Release date(s): PlayStation 2, April 4, 2002: NA PlayStation Portable, July 30, 2009: NA

Genre(s): Third-person shooter

Mode(s): Single player, multiplayer

Game Background

Armored Core 3 is a 2002 third-person shooter mecha video game developed by FromSoftware for the PlayStation 2. It is the sixth entry in the Armored Core series and an indirect sequel to 2001's Armored Core 2: Another Age. Armored Core 3 acts as a reboot for the franchise and begins a storyline that would continue through Armored Core: Last Raven. In 2009, Armored Core 3 was ported to the PlayStation Portable. As a reboot of the franchise, Armored Core 3 returns the setting back to the post-apocalyptic setting of the earlier PlayStation trilogy. The player is a mercenary in a future where humanity has been driven underground and is ruled by a powerful artificial intelligence called The Controller. Despite The Controller's rule, corporations fight each other for dominance. Armored Core 3 is largely unchanged from its predecessor. Players operate mech units that they may customize with credits earned from completing missions and fighting in an arena.