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Assassin's Creed III is the fifth game of the series, preceded by the first chapter taking place in the time of the Third Crusade and by the Ezio trilogy, positioning itself in the times of the Italian Renaissance (1476-1499). It is the 3rd person action adventure with an accent on exploring and hunting

During the new installment, the player is set to make way through the American Revolution, while being on both side of a conflict — our hero has English father and Mohawk mother, which tears him apart. Such conflicts serve as the leitmotif through the entirety of a..

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Assassin's Creed III - FAQ/Walkthrough. If you like this guide and you think other people will enjoy using it, you can recommend it by clicking "Yes" or "No" where it says Would you recommend this FAQ? at the top of the page via GameFAQs.

Inside the Animus Desmond relives the adventures of Altair ibn-La'Ahad, a Syrian Assassin who is seeking to redeem himself for mistakes that he made that turned into a dark mark in his life; the Italian Playboy Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze, and the part Native American Ratonhnhaketon (who is also called Connor), the role we play in this game.

o-----o | Story 01.02 | o-----o Assassin's Creed III is the fifth console game in the Assassin's Creed series which follows the main hero Desmond Miles along with a group of Assassins trying to stop the modern-day order of Templars (who are in the form of Abstergo Industries) from some evil plot which really has not been too clear throughout ...

For Assassin's Creed III on the Xbox 360, Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109.

Videos for Assassin's Creed III that provide walkthroughs, tips and other help to get you through the game ... Apr 24, 2013 - Part 8 of IGN's video walkthrough Assassin's Creed 3: The Tyranny of ...

Assassin's Creed III Guide and Walkthrough Published: Nov 2012 Last Updated: 5 months ago Version: 1.0 . You are Connor, warrior son of a Native American mother and British father. As the colonies draw closer to revolution, you will dedicate your life to the freedom of your clan, becoming the spark that ignites the revolution into a full blaze ...


Relive the American Revolution or experience it for the first time in Assassin's Creed III Remastered, with enhanced graphics and improved gameplay mechanics.1775, the American Colonies are about ...

Assassin's Creed III played on Xbox one S. Trying to get full synchronizations. 00:00 - Lexington and Concord 10:43 - Conflict Looms 23:27 - Battle of Bunker Hill.

Assassin's Creed III Walkthrough - #8 by GgodlikeG. 36:55. Assassin's Creed III Walkthrough - #9 by GgodlikeG. 33:10. Assassin's Creed III Walkthrough - #10 by GgodlikeG. 34:08

A Full 100% Synchronization for Assassin's Creed 3

Assassin's Creed 3 FULL Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 Longplay No Commentary/Without Commentary 1080p 60fps PC Ultra Settings. Includes all Cutscenes, Gameplay, Boss Fights, Ending.

It's here guys! I can't express to you how much I've been looking forward to this game. This is Part 1 of my Assassin's Creed 3 gameplay walkthrough. It shows the introduction of the game. I'm ...



  • Ubisoft Montreal

Game Data

Series: Assassin's Creed

Genre(s): Action-adventure, stealth

Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer

Game Background

Assassin's Creed III is a 2012 action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Microsoft Windows. It is the fifth major installment in the Assassin's Creed series, and a direct sequel to 2011's Assassin's Creed: Revelations. The game was released worldwide for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, beginning in North America on October 30, 2012, with a Wii U and Microsoft Windows release in November 2012. A remastered version of the game was released in 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch The plot is set in a fictional history of real-world events and follows the centuries-old struggle between the Assassins, who fight for peace with free will, and the Templars, who desire peace through control.


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