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"Audioshield: Feels like music-melee Missile Command-and we love it" (Ars Technica)

"AudioShield -- a rhythm game -- is HTC Vive's killer app" (Jeff Grubb, VentureBeat)

"Let's punch the hell out of music in virtual reality with Audioshield" (Polygon)

"Audioshield found some neuroreceptor in the deepest cavern of my brain—one that can only be stimulated by an incredible combination of sight, sound, and motion—and flooded it with a sensation that has left me reeling for days." (Ars Technica)

Experience your entire music collection in VR. Audioshield puts you at the point of impact for every hit in your music. Beats glide..

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void setup() { notefreq.begin(.15); AudioMemory(30); audioShield.enable(); audioShield.inputSelect(myInput); audioShield.volume(0.5); Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(led, OUTPUT); } This is an Arduino board, so you need the setup() function, which runs once any time you power up the board, and the loop() function, that runs continuously on a loop ...

Audioshield uses an advanced version of Audiosurf 2's music analysis system to sync with any song from your collection - and also with online streaming from Soundcloud. ... FF7 Remake Walkthrough ...

Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" (AUDIOSHIELD Gameplay) Virtual Reality Game Walkthrough AudioShield Gameplay Michael Jackson. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED


Audioshield Walkthrough, Playthrough, Gameplay, Review. This game is so much fun, but sadly it does not want me to record the gameplay! I got a couple Disney songs but was hoping to get a few more ...

Time for a workout! You can now play Audioshield on the Oculus Quest and fitness in virtual reality. Its a VR rhythm game that is very similar to Beat Saber, Synth Riders and other titles out ...

Audioshield - VR Game Review Jacob Anders Reviews ... AudioShield Video Review HTC Vive - Duration: 5:27. VR Review 2,844 views. 5:27. STAR WARS VADER IMMORTAL Ep 1 - Gameplay Full Walkthrough ...

Today on BMF we are checking out Audioshield, a brand new game to the Quest which makes Oculus Quest custom songs so very easy to do. Want to check out Audioshield? Check it out on the Quest store ...

Get moving in VR with Audioshield! Block the beats to your favourite song. ... pixel ripped 1995 walkthrough video - Duration: 2:48:26. Game OVR 28 views. 2:48:26.

Some more Audioshield! This time the White Fatalis theme. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video please consider helping me out by leaving a like and/or a comment! ----- Check out my ...

I got Audioshield and thought I'd check it out and figure out how I can use it for future vids. I got Audioshield and thought I'd check it out and figure out how I can use it for future vids.





  • Dylan Fitterer


Game Data

Release date(s): April 5, 2016

Genre(s): Indie

Mode(s): Single-player

Game Background

Audioshield is a rhythm game created by Dylan Fitterer for the HTC Vive. The game generates levels based on music supplied by the player. The player blocks incoming "notes" with a shield of matching color.