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Automation Empire is a simulation / management game all about efficiency and expansion. Start with nothing, and build up a massive interconnected industrial network of factories and machines. Economical transportation of resources will be essential to your success as an automation-engineer. Utilize every tool you have access to, including mine carts, drones. trucks, trains, and cargo rockets. Employ your ingenuity and creativity to plan out an efficient logistics network of machines to form a mechanical superorganism of production.DESIGN COMPLEX SYSTEMSHarness your creativity to engineer a beautiful machine of clockwork precision. Start with basic "A to B" systems utilizing simple delivery..



This page shows the complete walkthrough and the guide for Automation Empire. We hope it will help you. If you have any suggestions for this guide, please contact us and we will update the page. This walkthrough is valid for PC. We update the list of consoles every time a new one is added to the list. Good news! For this game we also have cheats.

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Walkthrough Episode 1. Watch this step-by-step walkthrough, which may help and guide you through each and every level part of this game.

If you have questions about Automation Empire, the New Player’s Guide can help you get started on your quest. -To add minecarts or crawtrains to a track; select the track you have built and pres the ” add ” button to buy some. -It’s possible to transfer resources between a step conveyor and minetrack via this simple setup.

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Automation Empire is due for release on 20th Nov 2019. It's a simulation / management game all about efficiency and expansion. Start with nothing, and build up a massive interconnected industrial ...

Automation Empire is a new game coming to Steam soon! It is a game that fits into the management/automation/simulation/factory type genre. Automation Empire ...

Automation Empire walkthrough https://rebrand.ly/AutomationEmpire Buy It Now Automation Empire walkthrough -Great New Exploration Aids You Automation Empire ...

Building a GALACTIC Automation Empire with Cargo Rockets! - Automation Empire Let’s Play Ep 9 Automation Empire gameplay today where we're completing our first world! The last thing we have to ...

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