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"Rampant ninja related crimes these days... Whitehouse is not the

exception...". As soon as that occurs, a Secret Service agent asks two

street-smart brawlers, the "Bad Dudes" named Blade and Striker:

"President Ronnie has been kidnapped by the ninjas. Are you a bad enough

dude to rescue Ronnie?" After hearing that, the Bad Dudes pursue the

ninjas through the New York City streets, a moving big rig truck, a

large storm sewer, a forest, a freight train on an old Southern Pacific

line, a cave and into an underground factory in order to save President


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Bad Dudes For the Nintendo Entertainment System A FAQ/Walkthrough written by Ian Rogers [email protected] Drop me a line if you have a question, comment, or just want to say hi.

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Bad Dudes for NES.If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please ...

The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. "Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja" is the legendary game that dares to ask the question: Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?

For Bad Dudes on the NES, GameFAQs has 1 guide/walkthrough.

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We beat the entire game of Bad Dudes in like 20 minutes. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ We were on the SNES classic, playing the arcade version of Bad Dudes on the MAME emulator. Funny ...

Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja - NES LONGPLAY - NO DEATH RUN (Complete Walkthrough) (FULL GAMEPLAY). #NES #NESLongplay #Famicom BADDUDES VS DRAGONNINJA (as displayed on the American arcade release ...

Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja, often referred to simply as Bad Dudes, and known in Japan simply as DragonNinja, |ドラゴンニンジャ is a 1988 arcade game developed and published by Data East.

Play Bad Dudes for Nintendo NES Online: http://www.vizzed.com/playonlinegames/game.php?id=70 Submitted by Awesome5000 of vizzed.com using the RGR Plugin

http://www.almigames.com/Bad_Dudes.htmlThere are some jokes that just write themselves -- and then there's Bad Dudes. Bad Dudes is the quintessential game th...



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Game Data

Release date(s): April 1988, Arcade, 1988: EU NES, July 14, 1989: NA Zeebo, SA: July 27, 2012

Genre(s): Beat 'em up

Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer (co-operative gameplay)

Cabinet: Upright

Arcade system: Data East MEC-M1

CPU: Main: 68000 (10 MHz), MCU: D8751H

Sound: Sound CPU, M6502 (1.5 MHz), Sound chips, YM2203, YM3812, OKI6295

Display: Raster, 256x240 pixels, 1024 color display, 4096 color depth

Game Background

Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja, often referred to simply as Bad Dudes, and known in Japan simply as DragonNinja is a 1988 arcade game developed and published by Data East. It was also ported to many computer and game console home systems. Bad Dudes is a side-scrolling beat 'em up where the players are set in the role of the titular duo tasked with rescuing "President Ronnie" from ninja kidnappers. It was met with commercial success, and a generally positive to mixed critical reception. It has since become widely known for its general premise and introductory cut scene.