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Sounds that are apparent in this, PlayStation-to-GameBoy converted game, they call, Battle Arena Toshinden. In this exciting Gameboy fighter, you can select upto 8 players and four hidden, secret,...

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This is the fourth installment of the "Battle Arena Toshinden" franchise. It was released in 1999.

This page contains Battle Arena Toshinden cheats, hints, walkthroughs and more for PC. This game has been made by Takara and published by Playmates at Apr 30, 1996. Battle Arena Toshinden was made in "3D Fighting" genre and have "teen" as SRB rating.


Battle Arena Toshinden (バトルアリーナ闘神伝, Batoru Arīna Tōshinden) is a weapons-based fighting game developed by Tamsoft and published by Takara and Sony Computer Entertainment in ...

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Played on Very Hard difficulty. Also includes Sho fight. Gaia's the main boss in Battle Arena Toshinden 1, and he sure is unwieldy to use at first; his attacks are really slow and leave him open ...

Battle Arena Toshinden 2 is a weapon based 3D fighting game developed by Tamsoft. It was released for arcade in 1995 by Capcom, followed by ports to the PlayStation and PC.

PSX Longplay [067] Battle Arena Toshinden 4 World-of-Longplays ... The first video contains a simple walkthrough with the Subaru Team and Subaru himself as the character that leads in the ending ...

Battle Arena Toshinden 3 for PlayStation is a 3D weapons-based fighting game and sequel of Battle Arena Toshinden 2. Toshinden 3 is the first of the main series not to be ported to other platforms.

This walkthrough doesn't have any serious issues as far as I know. In the beggining I was going for the good ending but somehow Sho (the real last boss) didn't appear so I had to do it again in ...




  • Tamsoft
  • Digital Dialect
  • Takara
  • DreamFactory

Game Data

Release date(s): PlayStation, January 1, 1995: NA Saturn, 1996: NA Game Boy, November 1996: EU DOS, NA: April 22, 1996, PlayStation Portable/3/Vita, JP: 2006-11-22

Genre(s): Fighting

Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer

Game Background

Battle Arena Toshinden is a weapons-based fighting game developed by Tamsoft and published by Takara and Sony Computer Entertainment in 1995-1996 for the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Game Boy, and MS-DOS. It was one of the first fighting games to boast polygonal characters in a 3D environment, and features a sidestep maneuver which is credited for taking the genre into "true 3D." The Game Boy version of Battle Arena Toshiden despite sharing the same name as the console & PC counterparts is a different game. It is a 2D weapons based fighter & supports the Super Game Boy cartridge peripheral for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom to allow the game to be played on a TV with colour palettes & borders. The game was announced as a PlayStation exclusive, with Sony initially promoting it as a "Saturn killer", but it was ported to the Saturn with additional features less than a year later.