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About the Game

Battle Mages is a courageous mix of the RTS and RPG in a huge fantasy world, full of mystery, mythical creatures, magic and knights honor.

Imagine as you have just graduated of an Imperial Magic School and now you have to face the trial of Battle Mages Guild completing the tasks in the Mage Towers all around the Internal World. Start your glorious adventure by fighting through the undead army to find the lost gnome artifact that can stop the imminent danger.

Your time is running out my..

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Battle Mages | The Empire Units Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough. 0. ... (hero) Warwolves Goblin Warriors Goblin Runners Battle Mages Bowmen Orc Pikemen Orc Warlords Shaman Wyverns. Dwarven. Dwarven Hammer Axe Throwers and Riflemen Miners Boars of War Berserkers Cannons, Mortars and Hellfire.

Mission 1 - Troubling news Mission 2 - Ice Horn Mission 3 - The siege Mission 4 - Tower of Ezerath Mission 5 - The Sun Gate Mission 6 - Escape Mission 7 - Audin Plain Mission 8 - Valendorf Mission 9 - The Hayton Fortress Mission 10 - Frozen Hill Mission 11 - Darkwood Mission 12 - Ice Horn Siege Mission 13 - Tir Assin Mission 14 - Enalone Mission 15 - Hayton Siege Mission 16 - Rauenborn ...

Real-time strategy (RTS) games; 4X games; Turn-based strategy (TBS) games; Grand strategy wargames; Tower defense games; Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)

Walkthrough - Battle Mage Guide Walkthrough for Sacred PC: Sacred Battle Mage GuideVersion 1.By Matt PEmail [email protected] email me for permission to post this FAQ on other websites and definitely email me if you have insight into effective use of the battle mage, especially with regards to spells.Sacred is copyright Ascaron entertainment.

This page contains Battle Mages cheats, hints, walkthroughs and more for PC. This game has been made by Targem Studio and published by Buka Entertainment at Mar 26, 2004. Battle Mages was made in "Computer Role-Playing" genre.

Battle Mage Battle Mage is the first Archer promotion. Battle Mages may learn to use any type of weapon, but they may never learn the shield or plate armor skills. They may also learn the four...

Battle Mages Preview at Gamers Europe. Feb 23, 2004. Battle Mages Mini-Preview at allaboutgames. Feb 4, 2004. Battle Mages Preview at GamerNation UK. Nov 14, 2003. ... FF7 Remake Walkthrough ...

Battle Mages Baton - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of ... Battle Mages Baton is a rare staff. Battle Mage - MapleWiki. A Battle Mage. This is an index of guides for Battle Mages. ... Kingdom Hearts for Playstation 2 Walkthrough by KaramellKarma (merocks12 Hotmail UK) Welcome to my latest walkthrough for Kingdom Hearts. The reason I chose to ...


#1 Zagrajmy w Battle Mages Edzio Redzio ... Conflict Desert Storm Walkthrough Part 01 (SAS) [PC ... hinsten Recommended for you. 16:23. Beginner's Guide Battle Mages - Duration: 26:25. Randomonium ...

Hello, and welcome to the Mages of Mystralia Walkthrough part 2! Mages of Mystralia is amazing! ... Giant Ice lizard Battle Mages of Mystralia - Duration: 20:05. FireSpark81 272 views. 20:05.





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