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Bayonetta is a slasher game developed by Platinum Games.

The game is set in a fictional European city of Vigrid. The main character is a witch named Bayonetta who fights angels with pistols and magic wishing only one thing: to recall everything happened to her.

Bayonetta is a third-person game. The player controls Bayonetta and uses close to medium range attacks, complicated combos and a wide variety of weaponry. Special Torture Attacks are present in the game when Bayonetta uses a torture weapon such as guillotine to execute an enemy. The Witch Time ability allows the player to slow down..

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Bayonetta is a stylish and cinematic action game directed by Hideki Kamiya. Genres : Action Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes

----- Bayonetta may be on to something when she claims she's a "fucking celebrity" around here. After some scenes, it's time to fight the second boss in the game, Temperantia, or a giant vacuum ...

Walkthrough - Bayonetta Wiki Guide - IGN ... Prologue - The

Walkthrough ===== NOTE: All of the Alfheim Portals, Broken Witch Hearts, Broken Moon Pearls and Umbra Chests are in the walkthrough itself. You can either use that as you play or you can use the sections solely meant for those items if you want to. NOTE 2: All directions are based off the camera being set behind Bayonetta.

For Bayonetta on the Xbox 360, GameFAQs has 14 guides and walkthroughs.

Bayonetta is a surprisingly deep, challenging game that can easily hang with the genre's big boys. IGN is here to help you plumb those depths with a detailed walkthrough complete with Alfheim...

Bayonetta and Dante from the Devil May Cry series share several quotes. Bayonetta and Dante both say "Let's Rock Baby" in a fashion similar that Dante did in the first Devil May Cry game. They also share the quote "Flock off, Feather face!" both said to a bird like boss. Contributed By: Eve 1 0 « See More or Submit Your Own!

The first part of this stage is a rather old-school tutorial that teaches you the basics of offense and defense. Definitely spend some time exploring the different combos and the damage they deal ...

Chapter V: The Lost Holy Grounds is the fifth chapter in the game, Bayonetta. In this chapter, Bayonetta lands in the dual valley of the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages, scaling the great statues of each clan and facing Jeanne again.


Bayonetta (2017) PC Full Game Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 Longplay No Commentary 1080p 60fps Ultra Settings. includes all Cutscenes, Gameplay, Boss Fights, Ending.

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Pure Platinum rank gameplay walkthrough of BAYONETTA Prologue The Vestibule played on hard difficulty. Subscribe to my channel here: https: ...



  • Platinum Games

Game Data

Genres: Hack and slash

Developers: PlatinumGames

Publishers: Sega, Nintendo

Creators: Hideki Kamiya

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

First release: Bayonetta, October 29, 2009

Latest release: Bayonetta 2, September 20, 2014

Game Background

Bayonetta is a hack and slash video game series developed by PlatinumGames. The franchise was introduced in 2009 with Bayonetta. A sequel, Bayonetta 2, followed in 2014; Bayonetta 3 is in development. All three games star the title character as its protagonist.


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