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Take the reins of the most exhilarating chariot race in history, as you become Ben-Hur. Inspired by this year’s reimagining of the epic film, brave the twists of an ancient Roman arena and battle deadly charioteers for your life and the freedom of your family. In this race… the first to finish is the last to die.

Experience the glory - and brutality - of ancient Rome.

Race merciless charioteers through a stunning re-creation of the Roman arena in Jerusalem, fueled by the visual horsepower of the Xbox One.

Race for glory. Crush your rivals.

Show no mercy and survive..



Ben-Hur Walkthrough Please note that the details below reflect the time and playthroughs required to get all the Achievements in this walkthrough.

Ben-Hur Walkthrough overview. Hi there, SaahDrahcir here to help you through one of the easiest 1000G in one the worst games in video game history: Yes, Ben-Hur ...

Ben-Hur General hints and tips Since the game is technically by definition a racing game with ONLY three races, the entire walkthrough is basically just hints and tips.

Ben-Hur Story walkthrough. The Game. Optional First Race. This section is purely optional, you can more or less get all the achievements in one season, but an optional race is suggested to get ...

A video game adaption of the 2016 Ben-Hur film.

Released by AOL and inspired by the 2016 movie remake, Ben-Hur is a racing game of biblical proportions. The developers, Krome Studios, took the most iconic scene from the movie and made into a ...


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This is intro and gameplay for Ben Hur: Blood of Braves for Playstation 2. Ben Hur: Blood of Braves Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes the Intro, Review, C...

Ben-Hur - Part 2 - Walkthrough Ben-Hur - This video contains Part 2 of a full walkthrough of Ben-Hur the game. Reggiez Corner plays through a season of "Ben-Hur" in order to get the last ...

Yes, this is the full game, and yes, it does look and play as bad as it looks. This is a test of my recently purchased Capture Card.

Ben-Hur The Video Game On Xbox One Ben-Hur is a free game available now in the Xbox Live store and published by AOL and is a promotional tool which consists ...