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Ben There, Dan That! is a comical game about two buddies. The name of the game is a pun on "Been there, done that" and the game's main protagonists, Ben and Dan. They are named after the game's creators.


The story of Ben and Dan is written in the vein of movies like Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. Ben and Dan are two friends who always wind up in misadventures. In the game's prologue, Ben has to reanimate Dan who became a zombie in the Peruvian jungle. As the game begins, the two are back to their London apartment...

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Ben There, Dan That! is a comedy point-and-click adventure written using Adventure Game Studio. The game starts with the two protagonists trying to fix their TV signal and ends up with an outer space adventure. The story continues in Time Gentlemen, Please.

For Ben There, Dan That! on the PC, Walkthrough by Erzz197.

Ben There, Dan That!: Ben There, Dan That! is an old-school adventure game in the classic sense. You know how this works. Right click to access the interactive menu. Interact with objects. Pick them up. Use them with other objects. In this game, you default to playing as Ben, but you can switch to being Dan when the occasion calls for it. It features some fairly witty writing with that rather ...

great walkthrough mate, cheers. i was stuck needing the loo cakes, had tried earlier in the game to get them (using the hat, but that was wrong) and went on to totally forget about them (fell asleep mid-game, had no idea what i had and hadn’t done)

Interested adventurers are, as always, encouraged to play Ben There, Dan That! firsthand before reading about my experience in the following. It's not overly difficult -- that is to say, almost everything has a purpose even if it isn't obvious -- though I did have to reference a walkthrough to get a couple of final details nailed down near the end.

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Welcome to my Ben There, Dan That! Walkthrough! We save our dead friend in Peru, move to present London and solve the case of the broken TV and we get abducted into outer space, all in under 15 ...

Welcome to the final part of my Ben There, Dan That! Walkthrough We make some hobos very happy, cup some lava and de-freeze a mechanic, visit a museum inside a cows butt and steal the Yang, travel ...

'Ben There, Dan That!' is a knockabout point-and-click comedy game, in the vein of the old classic Lucasarts adventures like Monkey Island or Sam and Max: Freelance Police.

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Welcome to the second part of my Ben There, Dan That! Walkthrough We visit a Zombie dimension, solve the mystery case of the burning candles, knock out a priest with a bible and rob his undead son





  • Zombie Cow Studios

Game Data

Release date(s): July 14, 2008

Genre(s): Point and click adventure

Mode(s): Single-player

Game Background

Ben There, Dan That! is a point and click adventure game developed by Zombie Cow Studios. It is freeware and was released on July 14, 2008 for Windows. The game was positively received by critics, who enjoyed the game's humor but criticized its short length and lack of music. Two sequels have been released: Time Gentlemen, Please! in 2009 and Lair of the Clockwork God in 2020.