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Black Mesa is the original Half-Life as if it was made in the 21st century using modern graphics and updated mechanics. This remake of the classic game was envisioned by a group of enthusiasts, approved by Valve, and spent eight years in the making. The name, Black Mesa, refers to the secret research facility where the game is set. The player assumes the role of Gordon Freeman, a scientist caught in the midst of an experiment gone wrong. An anomaly breaks out, and hordes of monsters invade Black Mesa.

While Black Mesa and Half-Life are basically the same game, there..

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Black Mesa Walkthrough Videos (Normal) (Completed) Total number of 32 videos by Bommy (05:39:39) Title: Duration: Date: Steam Edition - Part 1 - Inbound & Anomalous Materials (00:10:25) Jun 07 2015

Hello again gamers, im here today to show you the walkthrough to Black Mesa chapter ten : Residue Processing. Lets take a look. You will awake with the soldiers, and your weapons, completely gone. Don’t take too much time to look around, because you are in a trash compactor. Use the boxes to escape before […]

Now the next chapter guys, its the chapter nine : Apprehension. In this chapter you will find a massive blow from the destroyed train, and you will swam a bit, also there are some soldier again, bunch of barnacles and other aliens, and the new weapon, guess what? The Crossbow. Lets take a look for the Black Mesa Source Walkthrough – Apprehension.

Hi GreyHound91, i don't know if it is a a bug and how to fix it , maybe reloading a previous save point. You can try also to move upwards with first piston, wait the last moment and jump to the second piston, if the piston is fast it will be in downwards position while you are stil in air.


Full Playthrough of the epic Half-Life remake - Black Mesa in a single video and NO Deaths. This is the final released version. Xen included! Black Mesa Secr...

Finally, after all these years we can finish the Half-Life Story. Mind-blowing work by the Developers - The Crowbar Collective. Leave a comment, I'm sure the...

This is the full walkthrough of Black Mesa, all the heads of the world "Xen". Game is lagging because the game is not yet optimized to the end. Soon the game will be completely polished and will ...

A step-by-step Walkthrough of Lambda Core (Black Mesa, Chapter 14), played through Steam, on the Hard difficulty setting, with maximum graphical detail. ----- Please remember to subscribe to get ...

A step-by-step Walkthrough of Black Mesa Inbound (Black Mesa, Chapter 1), played through Steam, on the Hard difficulty setting, with maximum graphical detail. ----- Please remember to subscribe to ...

Black Mesa began as the combination of two independent volunteer projects, each aiming to completely recreate Half-Life using Source. The Leakfree modification was announced in September 2004.



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