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Black Mirror is a dark adventure game that details the aftermath of the tragic death of William Gordon. Playing as his grandson Samuel players must unveil the truth behind the events of that fateful, stormy night. The Gordon family has accepted William's death as suicide; however, Samuel is not so sure. And through further investigation some terrifying family secrets are revealed. Through the course of the game players will discover the tragedy that has decimated the Gordons since the Middle Ages - and eventually fight to escape a fate that will not stop until it has claimed every member of..



I've been watching a walkthrough on utube and there's a picture that is torn up in the fire place by the attic but I can't get it. And on the fence where William jumped to his death theres a piece of metal in the bushes and I can't get it either. I can't get the key over his bedroom door to open the drawer in his room. Why it won't play right if you can't get what you need to play.

Black Mirror I, II & III Image Comparison. Walkthrough. Black Mirror is a 2003 release from Czech software developer Future Games. Consisting of six substantial chapters, it is a lengthy and absorbing game that explores the history of an aristocratic English family beset by an ancient curse. Graphical backgrounds are fairly detailed for a ...

Hi all, This is my first post so please have mercy with me. I recently purchased the game from Steam on a Windows 10 machine. After being stuck for 2 or 3 days, I couldn't resist and opened a cheat sheet or "walkthrough". Strangely that walkthrough suggested that in order to get into the tower, I'd have to pick up the hammer from the stables. However, I'm not able to pick up the hammer ...


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Black Mirror is a third-person point-and-click adventure game, with a creepy atmosphere. It was developed by Future Games and published by The Adventure Company in 2003. Black Mirror is the name ...

Black Mirror Gameplay Walkthrough Let's Play Part 1(DAVID GORDON) - #Blackmirror - In Let's Play Black Mirror it is up to David to uncover the horrible truths, buried under generations of silence ...

Black mirror (2017) full game walkthrough part 5: Going to the chapel and visiting the graves. (PC) Scotland, 1926. Following the death of his father, David Gordon visits his ancestral home for ...

BLACK MIRROR I | Full Game Longplay Walkthrough Playthrough ... 10:16:47. Black Mirror Gameplay Walkthrough Let's Play Part 1 (DAVID GORDON) - Duration: 17:01. ReformistTM 47,269 views. 17:01.

BLACK MIRROR I | Full Game Longplay Walkthrough Playthrough ... Black Mirror (English) Walkthrough part 27 - Duration: 12:37. AdventureGameFan8 5,977 views. 12:37. Black Mirror ...

Salut tout le monde, je vous présente la première partie du jeu Black Mirror I ! Un jeu fort sympathique ! Bon visionnage !




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