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Blast Factor™ is a physics-based action game which takes players into a fierce microbiological arena to guide a nano-machine against viral swarms. Proceed from specimen to specimen, waging microscopic war against an array of deadly viruses. Tilt the SIXAXIS™ controller to send ripples through the arena that shove enemies into groups, and then blast ‘em into catastrophic chain explosions for big points! Immersive high adrenaline arcade action in full HD at..

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Yes, you need the Advanced Research and Multiplayer DLCs or Blast Factor Advanced Bundle, which includes both of them with the original game. + Online Pass Needed?: No One the first games released on PSN, Blast Factor is an arcade shooter that will guide you through more than one-hundred infected cells.

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If you have anything you would want to add to this FAQ, email me at jaredseverson at gmail dot com with the subject 'Blast Factor FAQ' and I will try to respond as quickly as possible. 2200 - About this FAQ This FAQ is not neccessarily a walkthrough as it is a large tips guide to help even the most seasoned player obliterate all enemies and ...

Game Walkthroughs & FAQs Walkthroughs, in-depth FAQs, and other helpful contributions from the community.

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This is a walkthrough of Blast Factor from the PSN-STORE. Played in koop all the advanced research levels, you only get the "Friends Forever" trophy in koop.

Hello and welcome to another PlayStation 3 exclusive sneak peek. This time I take a look at a PSN title called Blast Factor. Blast Factor is a simple shooter where you are a microscopic organism ...




  • Bluepoint Games
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment America

Game Data

Release date(s): November 11, 2006: NA

Genre(s): Shooter

Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer

Game Background

Blast Factor is a downloadable game for PlayStation 3. It was developed by Bluepoint Games.