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Trouble in Antarctica!

The Black Hand of Fate, an international Terrorist Group has constructed a secret base within the heart of a Volcano, and have built a massive army of bio-engineered soldiers and genetic monsters to take over the world! You are the only one that can put a stop to their dastardly plans. You are the Blasting Agent!FeaturingClassic jump-and-shoot gameplay

A variety of levels, enemies, and secrets

Challenging and unique boss fights

Collectible upgrades and power-ups

Unlockable Hard Mode with costume rewardsWhat's New?Standalone executable - no more playing in the browser!

Fullscreen mode

Gamepad support

Better framerate, tweaked and..

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Blasting Agent is a 2D Side Scrolling Shooter that pits you against bio-engineered soldiers and genetic monsters in order to stop the world from being taken over by the terrorist group “The Black Hand Of Fate”. You play as Blasting Agent; a run ‘n’ gunner character that is thought to be the only person who can save the world!

Blasting Agent Be a Blasting Agent and unlock everything (1) Earn all the other trophies to get this one.

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How I beat the bosses. If you are struggling with a specific boss, hopefully this helps you. :-) Blasting Dude for Normal Bosses. Superpowered Badass Sting for Hard Bosses. * The Final Boss on the ...

könnte besser sein. Für die Platin Trophäe muss man auf Easy 90% sammeln, auf Hard 100%. Ich habe hier absichtlich im ersten LVL keine 90% erreicht um den Dash zu skippen...manchmal macht der ...

Level 2 hard:100% Enemies 100% Treasures Step 1:End the game easy and unlock all the powerups by collecting 90% of treasures and enemies Step 2: At this point you will have the woman wrestler, you ...

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Gameplay video of Blasting Agent Ultimate Edition on the PS Vita, now available for PS Vita and PS4 in North America and Europe. Buy digital PSN cards from Play-Asia: https://goo.gl/xXKEIE Buy the ...




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