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In Blazing Chrome, machines rule the world and the few humans left are on the edge of total extermination, lacking power, prestige or status among their metal and circuits overlords. Bring your best pal and kick some metal butts to free the humankind while enjoying a classic run’n’gun, fully loaded with action and exciting fights!

Humans are expendable after an AI controlled robot army take over the world. They survive in hiding while their hunters rule the surface. When a small rebel group gets an intel about a big AI's power plant, the machines strike their camp before they can..

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Blazing Chrome - Mission V: Hidden Outpost - Walkthrough After finishing Mission IV, you may be surprised to find that a new area has appeared on your map. This is Mission V: Hidden Outpost.

Blazing Chrome Walkthrough There is currently no walkthrough for Blazing Chrome . If you are interested in helping to create one, please post in this thread or fill out this application .

Blazing Chrome Walkthrough. You will be in a parallel dimension for the last time. This is the last part of the level. Act as usual. Difficulty — accelerated animation and spikes in 3-4 rows. At the end of the route you are waiting for a battle with the ninja. He is very fast and dangerous opponent.

Welcome to our Blazing Chrome walkthrough and guide! This is a 100% completion walkthrough, meant to help you complete the campaign, and earn all 40 Trophies/Achievements. Although this game is ...

Blazing Chrome - Trophy & Achievement Guide A Note on Trophies/Achievements You likely already know about Trophies & Achievements, but I wanted to explain for anyone that may be new to the idea.


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Blazing Chrome - Doyle Gameplay Walkthrough | Mission 6, Final Boss, ENDING, & Credits - Duration: ... Blazing Chrome is the Contra 'Sequel' We Needed: DF Retro x Modern Analysis!

Blazing Chrome Walkthrough Part 2 No Commentary Gameplay In Blazing Chrome, machines rule the world and the few humans left are on the edge of total extermination, lacking power, prestige or ...

This is the start of my Blazing Chrome walkthrough. The first mission is a simple introduction to the game. It can still be challenging as you die in one hit. I'm fine with most of the controls ...

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Blazing Chrome pc gameplay (no commentary) with an xbox controller. ... Blazing Chrome PC Longplay Walkthrough Playthrough (FULL GAME) - Duration: 51:01. Virtual Gaming Library - VGL 10,750 views ...



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