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Basically, it covers all aspects of a game except the actual walkthrough. If you need a quick resource for Blood 2 info, this FAQ should do the trick. It contains a wealth of information compiled from various sources, mostly myself and PlanetBlood.

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Blood 2: The Chosen – Walkthrough. Monday, February 5, 2018. Let the juices flow! There are few ways to get stuck in Blood 2, but when it happens, boy is it annoying! This walkthrough isn’t supposed to be a step by step guide through every inch of every level. Instead, it points out the most important items as well as solutions to the most ...


You just can't sit and enjoy your new issue of Guns N' Gibs while suffering the subway in peace these days. First that ticket guy dared to confiscate yer flask of Ol' Red '99, and then that ...

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LÉEME La guía del episodio primero. Descubro secretos, cuento consejos, describo huevos de pascua y pongo alguna que otra anotación de interés. Nivel de difi...

Playthrough of Blood 2 the Chosen layffete (something like that) mueseum of fine antiqueties. I shot the equsinguisher by mistake!

Blood Gameplay History 1997 - 2018 Of the Remake Mod and New Project Most Interesting - Duration: 40:17. horvis none 32,714 views

We are going down! Assume Crash Positions! Please bring your seats and tray tables to their upright and locked positions. Place your head between your own legs. If you are smoking, please put ...

Man, do you hate sewers! The smell is rather appealing, but all-in-all slogging through the Floaters gets old. When you finally get around to ruling the world, it'll be time to declare the place a ...

Blood II: The Chosen was developed by Monolith Productions and featured Monolith's new fully 3D engine Lithtech, which was previously used in Shogo: Mobile Armor Division. The game was released on ...





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