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Insectville was a warm and charming mid-west community, one of those that leave doors open at night and everybody know everybody little society. You used to describe it as "so sweet that made you vomit, drink bleach and literally gave you cancer".

After 4 combat tours (Radio Operator, -1 confirmed kills) going back home wasn't easy - you knew the dooms day was coming, it was just a matter when.

As cheerful as you were, despite all your flaws, community welcomed you back with open hands, you started your life once again, settled down, wife, kids and barbeques.

Having joyful..

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Blood Feed – The Mystery of Insectville is FPS depthless and mindless shooter. Your objective is smashing through the waves of bugs, insects and hordes of most disgusting things that ever roamed the earth, and unraveling the mysterious dissapearance of the whole town, including your family.

Tasted Blood. Feed on an enemy. 1 guide. After completing the Tutorial you will unlock: Full-Fledged. Complete the tutorial. ... Stealth Walkthrough - Part 1 (Plaza, Security, Foyer).

Tasted Blood. Feed on an enemy. 0. 1 guide. Dark walkthrough. How to unlock the Tasted Blood achievement. ScaredOldDude245,070. 13 Jul 2013 13 Jul 2013. 4 0 0. You can get this on

As for the walkthrough, I might see about whipping up a short video intro, or even just stream a bit of the early game (possibly on peaceful just so that I can actually progress, and not die over and over again for the sake of the tutorial).

Virtual High School Girl is a unique simulation game by TapSim Game Studio. Your job in the game is to control a high school girl in university who has a mind to do more than homework, she is nervous on her first day and you need to fill her day with fun.


Blood Feed is an indie FPS where you have to shoot insects, aliens and various creatures. In this video I play an entire campaign, which is just one of the modes present in the game. I start with ...




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