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How will YOU claim victory in battles fought with cold hard steel? Troop organization and cunning strategies for engaging the enemy are of utmost importance. That's what is key in Blood of Steel: to gain the strategic advantage and crush the enemy beneath your fist, you must first familiarize capability of your troops with various weaponry and legion equipment, as well as utilize the terrain to its fullest.

Apart from legion-based warfare, Blood of Steel also hosts duels and multiplayer Heros Aerna. We've expanded on classic Mount and Blade-like's 4 attack and block directions style, adding in defense-breaks, rolls, sidesteps,..

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For Blood of Steel players,no matter you are a new players or a veteran, this guide of blood of steel gameplay basics tactics strategies guide will provides useful tips that help you play the game. Part 1: Intro to Blood of Steel Blood of Steel is a medieval battle simulator where you select a…

That’s all we are sharing today in Blood of Steel A Little Walkthrough Guide for Ma Chao, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll see you soon. Credit to BruceNgai. MORE GAME GUIDES FOR YOU. READ: Blood of Steel How to Change Graphic Detail, Resolution Before Game Loads.

The terms & phrasing used here is very confusing. So we can for example make a guide on a specific character or gamemode or such & then post it here to participate?

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Blood of Steel: Lu Ban Academy Guide. Firstly your hero synergy is the key to victory, the abilities you choose between each wave can affect every hero and unit. These come as Auras, Buffs, Passives, or Conditionals. Utilize these to your best advantage; learn them.

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Blood of Steel: World of Mercenaries Beginner’s Guide. This guide is for understanding how to play and progress through the World of Mercenaries PvE Campaign, and will go over how to beat the first collection of areas to progress to the second areas. World of Mercenaries (WoM) is a Player Versus Environment (PvE) game mode with players ...

Blood of Steel: Armour Guide (How to Make A Good One) In this guide I gonna describe how to make a good armour set up. 1.Open armour interface. Go to the main menue and click on the left side on “Hero Gallery”. Then click on “Armour” and you should see this interface: 2.Buy Armour Plates. Click on the “purchase Plate” button on the ...

Blood of Steel New Player Guide. If you are a new player of Blood of Steel, this guide will explain first steps for new players and how to get benefits from start, let’s check it out. Hello, I will try to eplain first steps in this game and how to get some quick tips for cool rewards. When you are done with your first battle tutorial is done ...


How to win in the battle using cold weapon, imagine you're back to medieval times? As the general, set the troop formation, choose the combination of units, ...




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