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You are an employee at mega conglomerate TransCorp to stamp papers and file files! Unfortunately TransCorp is an expert in the business of manufacturing cost-cutting robots, and soon your job will be in danger.

As another one of your coworkers is being dragged off to the terrifying HR department, a mysterious package arrives at your cubicle. Will you be able to save your job?

PLEASE NOTE! We would NOT suggest that younger children play this game.


  • Unleash your inner office spy ninja skills
  • Thrilling, oil-splatter filled close quarter combat
  • Dexterously zip, sneak or rambo your way forward
  • Built for room-scale virtual reality..

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Budget Cuts Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 4 – Marvin Games. www.marvingames.com · Budget Cuts Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 4.Budget Cuts is a VR stealth adventure game develolped by Neat Corporation. You are an employee at mega conglomerate TransCorp to stamp papers and file files.

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Budget Cuts: How to Get Past Adam. Posted on June 9, 2019. This boss fight is scary, right? Adam is fast, the empty office is terrifying, and accessing escape pods are almost impossible when you panic Here is the solution for how to deal with him. ... Welcome to SteamAH! We'd like to use cookies to help analyse, improve and personalise our ...

The walkthrough is divided into several parts when it is too long.Many Cheats, Cheat Codes and Walkthroughs for Videogames since 1999. This guide will help you to find the secrets scattered around the game. Welcome to Apocanow! Budget Cuts: How to Get Past Adam. Budget Cuts is a VR stealth adventure game develolped by Neat Corporation.

1-09 - Budget Cuts 1-10 - First Jump 1-11 - Stop N' Go Hydraulics set at 50% contract. 1-12 - Rock Rest 1-13 - Redraw Hydraulics set at 50% expand. ... 5-29-20: World 2 Walkthrough Completed 5-30-20: World 3 Walkthrough Completed 5-30-20: Hydraulic and Springs values noted for needed stages


Solution for Poly Bridge 2 - Level 1-09 Budget Cuts All the solutions are under budget and under 100% stress. Playlist for other levels: https://bit.ly/poly-...

What's up everybody and welcome to another walkthrough here on CloakedReaperGames. Today I'll be playing through and showing you how to beat every level in B...

Budget Cuts 2 Walkthrough #5 - Cargo ElevatorPart 1: https://youtu.be/iIgohrPgQpA - The TrainPart 2: https://youtu.be/FEekjUFSbDo - The ElevatorPart 3: https...

Budget Cuts 2 Full Game No Commentary Saffy YeeYee. ... Budget Cuts Gameplay (FULL GAME WALKTHROUGH) - Duration: ... Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency ...

Budget Cuts 2 Walkthrough #6 - The Terminator Scene Part 1: https://youtu.be/iIgohrPgQpA - The Train Part 2: https://youtu.be/FEekjUFSbDo - The Elevator Part...

We plan to play through the ENTIRE budget cuts game LIVE on stream, let's see how we go for time, fingers crossed! Play the game here: https://goo.gl/86QYm...



  • Neat

Game Data

Release date(s): PC

Genre(s): Virtual Reality, Stealth, Action

Mode(s): Single-player

Game Background

Budget Cuts is an independent virtual reality stealth game developed and published by Swedish studio Neat Corporation. The player is tasked with escaping an office building using a portal device, while evading enemies.