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Puzzle Bobble 4 (also known as Bust-a-Move 4 in North America and Europe) is the third sequel to the video game Puzzle Bobble and is the final appearance of the series on the Arcade, PlayStation and Dreamcast. The game is also the final title to be recognizably similar in presentation to the original.

Building upon the success of Puzzle Bobble 3, the game adds a pulley system that requires two sets of bubbles, attached to either side of a rope hanging across two pulleys. The game contains a story mode for single player play.

In total, the game features 640..



The second release here is the 'Best Buy' budget re-release, which has a different cover (a White colour scheme rather than the black that the original, and US release White Label Codes: 950-0067-50 / 952-0062-50 Japanese release titled 'Puzzle Bobble 4' of Last Blade 2, share.

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Personalmente ho scoperto come si utilizzasse (e cosa fosse) il simbolo magico non grazie a un walkthrough, ma leggendo il commento di un utente su csdb, che si chiedeva il motivo di una certa strana cosa che gli era capitata durante il gioco. Da solo non ci sarei mai arrivato. E sicuramente non sono l'unico. Tant'è vero che a un certo punto il gioco è approdato su Steam in versione riveduta ...


Puzzle Bobble 4 aka Bust-A-Move 4 expert versus mode PSX [1998] Part 1 of 2 Game Ring MX. ... launch trailer teaser guia walkthrough gameplay no commentary lanzamiento review reseña.

I più giovani non se lo ricorderanno, ma noi degli anni 90 ci siamo vissuti in pieno la generazione delle sale videogiochi di quel decennio. PUZZLE BOBBLE (B...

AUTHOR: Progetto VideoSnaps by motoschifo & AntoPISA [gameplay by motoschifo] GENRE: MAME video preview (shortplay) COMMENTS: Created with: Mame version 0.161 Played by: motoschifo Game name ...

パズルボブル4を実況プレイ Part 36-1 .com.com Game Channel! ... Puzzle Bobble 4/Bust-A-Move 4 ... Pokemon Sword Part 30 ZAMAZENTA HOP FINAL BATTLE Gameplay Walkthrough Pokemon Sword ...

Every characters small cutscenes per round total 110. 1 character per 11 round but 12 is fightback "Dreg" (Hyper Drunk) without talk.



  • Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Taito
  • CyberFront

Game Data

Release date(s): Arcade, WW: December 1997 PlayStation, August 6, 1998: NA Game Boy Color, June, 1999: JP Microsoft Windows, NA: January 31, 2000 Dreamcast, March 16, 2000: NA

Genre(s): Puzzle game

Arcade system: Taito F3 System

Game Background

Puzzle Bobble 4 is the third sequel to the video game Puzzle Bobble and is the final appearance of the series on the PlayStation and Dreamcast.