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Prepare to accept history's greatest challenge - build the world's most powerful empire over a span of 6,300 years, reaching from primitive history to the future realms of science-fiction. Take your place beside history's greatest leaders as you master the intricate strategies of governing, warfare, diplomacy, trade and science. Sow the seeds of an empire as you cultivate a tribe of settlers in 4,000 BC. Hear the cheers of approval as you lead your flourishing society into the future of 2,300 AD.

Answer the Call to Power.

Over 6000 years of gameplay with a sophisticated diplomatic, economic and warfare system..

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In Call to Power II you will guide your civilization through about 500 turns from 4000BC to AD2300. Right away this lets us know that the game is much larger in scope than the original (by about ...

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Genome Project wonder movie. Visit Apolyton's Call to Power 1/2 forums here: http://apolyton.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=73





  • Activision


Game Data

Series: Civilization

Release date(s): November 2000

Genre(s): Turn-based strategy

Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer

Game Background

Call to Power II is a PC turn-based strategy game released by Activision as a sequel to Civilization: Call to Power, which itself was a successor to the Civilization series by Sid Meier; this game could not have "Civilization" in its title because the license to the Civilization name was lost. In October 2003, Activision released the source code, enabling the Apolyton gaming community to debug, improve, and add new features. After being unavailable for a long time, the game was re-released in the digital distribution on GOG.com in 2010.