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Welcome to Cannon Fodder 2. The hapless soldiers from the first game have been kidnapped by damn, dirty aliens, to see if they can save their own world from invasion. These aliens possess a time machine capable of transporting our not-quite-valiant troops to any period in human history, and they’re going to use it to test the chaps’ abilities in battle. Fortunately, for our boys in uniform, there’s an alien who sympathizes with their plight. He doesn’t agree with how the soldiers are treated and ensures that the ammo is plentiful. Only through the sheer will to live while remaining..



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Cannon Fodder Walkthrough/Gameplay Sega Genesis - Duration: ... Amiga Longplay Cannon Fodder 2 (Part 1 of 4) - Duration: ... Cannon Fodder Mission 7 Phase 1. Skip navigation Sign in. Search.

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Начинаю играть в Cannon fodder 3. Вторую часть не играл, играл в своё время на sega в просто cannon fodder. Вполне занятная ...

Cannon Fodder 2 gameplay played and recorded with DOSBox.




  • Sensible Software


Game Data

Series: Cannon Fodder

Release date(s): November 1994

Genre(s): Action, shoot 'em up, shooter

Mode(s): Single-player

Game Background

Cannon Fodder 2: Once More unto the Breach, or simply Cannon Fodder 2, is an action-strategy shoot 'em up game developed by Sensible Software and published by Virgin Interactive for the Amiga and DOS in November 1994. The game is the sequel to Cannon Fodder, a successful game released for multiple formats in 1993. The game is a combination of action and strategy involving a small number of soldiers battling through a time-travel scenario. The protagonists are heavily outnumbered and easily killed. The player must rely on strategy and heavy secondary weapons to overcome enemies, their vehicles and installations.