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From the creators of the award-winning Arma™ tactical military shooter series comes a next-gen re-imagination of a groundbreaking 80s classic. Set in a vast open archipelago, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission brings a breathtaking combination of action game and strategy elements!

As a result of a catastrophic war between the United Earth Coalition and the Asian Pacific Alliance, Earth has been rendered an almost uninhabitable wasteland. The only hope lies in a distant planetary system, where the moon Taurus holds the key to restoring Earth's dwindling water supply. As a battle-hardened member of the surviving UEC forces, Lt Myrik is put..

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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission: Walkthrough/Outpost Jump to navigation Jump to search Our heroes visit a well defended island Outpost, equipped with strong AA turrets and also with a firewall defense that makes it impossible to hack the Command center.

Category:Carrier Command: Gaea Mission: Walkthrough. The campaign is divided into four chapters. This page allows to see what happens in each of those on a high level overview.

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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission: Walkthrough/Fulcrum. This is a FPS mission that gives Myrick a chance to infiltrate the enemy facilities on Fulcrum and against all odds manage to disable the shield protecting the Command center. From the gameplay perspective this is achieved by activating three switches in three different enemy installations in ...

Carrier Command Gaea Mission Walkthrough will guide you through all missions in the game. The Carrier Command Gaea Mission Walkthrough is an action game with strategic elements set in a vast detailed archipelago. It reinvents the classic gameplay of the original Carrier Command to deliver a truly next-gen experience.

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission: Walkthrough/Vulcan Jump to navigation Jump to search This mission starts just as the Myrick's team crash-lands on the island Vulcan.

A sequel to the classic 1988 strategy game Carrier Command, Gaea Mission is based on the second book of the Gaea Universe trilogy and is licensed and endorsed by the creators of the original game.


Carrier Command: Gaea Mission - Walkthrough Presentation by GameTrailers. 11:22. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission - Carrier Management Walkthrough by GameTrailers. 7:02.

Carrier Command Gaea Mission is a real time strategy game with vehicular combat that tasks the player with taking control of an archipelago using an array of vehicles and tactical gameplay. Check ...

http://www.carriercommand.com Now available on Steam and http://store.bistudio.com Leave some feedback and subscribe for more :) Playlist: http://bit.ly/1dGL...

Take control of your enemy's islands with a fully decked-out Carrier.http://www.gametrailers.com/games/m7ayfb/carrier-command--gaea-mission

Take a walkthorugh Bohemia Interactive's Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, an action game with strategy elements.http://www.gametrailers.com/games/m7ayfb/carrie...




  • Bohemia Interactive

Game Data

Release date(s): WW: September 28, 2012

Genre(s): Real-time strategy, action

Mode(s): Single-player

Game Background

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is a real-time strategy action game by Bohemia Interactive, a remake of the original 1988 Carrier Command.


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