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From Julian Gollop, the designer of the original, award-winning XCOM game comes Chaos Reborn - a turn-based wizard combat game with single player Realm Quests and many online options. Between 2 and 6 players can challenge each other to magical duels in a variety of arenas using a spell deck of interesting spells and creatures - including the Gooey Blob, Shadow Wood, and more. There is a monthly league system and several game modes with live or asynchronous battles. You can explore the Realms of Chaos fighting Wizard Lords and Kings, and invite players to join you in co-op battles,..

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Video walkthrough of Challenge 1a from the Chaos Reborn Wizard Training Tutorials with commentary by myself. #Enjoy. Tip: You can manipulate the Cosmic Balance and spend Mana to boost a spell's casting chance up to 100% in a normal battle.

Chaos Reborn is a remake of X-COM creator Julian Gollop's 1985 strategy game for the ZX Spectrum, currently being developed by Gollop himself.

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Infinite Adventures walkthrough. How to unlock the Awakening : Chaos Reborn achievement. RadicalSniper991,496,578. 25 Jan 2019 25 Jan 2019. 0 0 0.


I'm playing Chaos Reborn, a turn-based strategy game by Snapshot Games. The game features a number of game modes, from user-designed campaigns to online and single-player skirmishes. Different ...

In this video, I demonstrate and talk about some of the basic mechanics of Chaos Reborn, along with the creator of the game, Julian Gollop. Chaos Reborn is a...

Today we dive into Chaos Reborn, a tactical skirmish game with card game elements, and a heavy emphasis on RNG! ♥ Subscribe for more! - goo.gl/WNUrs9 Haven't...

Chaos Reborn schickt Magier gegenseitig auf das Schlachtfeld. In diesem sehr taktischen Spiel müsst ihr Kreaturen beschwören und Zauber aussprechen um euren Feind zu vernichten.

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Today's video is a One-Shot Let's Play of Chaos Reborn It shows off Chaos Reborn Gameplay, mostly with me trying to figure out how the mechanics work and trying out the gameplay.




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Game Data

Release date(s): October 26, 2015

Genre(s): Tactical role-playing

Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer

Game Background

Chaos Reborn is a turn-based tactical role-playing game developed by Snapshot Games and was part funded through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in April 2014. Following an early access release in December 2014, the full game was released in October 2015. The game is a remake of Gollop's 1985 game Chaos: The Battle of Wizards. The remake includes a number of improvements over the original version including a role-playing meta game and the ability to buy equipment such as armour, staves, and talismans which give players a number of enhancements, such as extra spells and abilities.