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The love of your life rejected you. Now go around town kissing citizens and improving your reputation to win her affections.

This title has been converted from the original PlayStation®2 version to the PS3™ system. Consequently, there may be times where the title plays differently from the PlayStation®2 version, or where some features may not function properly. This version does not support PlayStation®2 peripherals, therefore some functionalities may not be available.

Chulip is a trademark of Marvelous Interactive Inc./Punchline ©2002 Punchline ©2006 Marvelous Interactive Inc. ©2006 Natsume Inc. All Rights Reserved






  • Sony Interactive Entertainment

Game Data

Release date(s): PlayStation 2, October 3, 2002: NA PlayStation Network, NA: December 4, 2012

Genre(s): Adventure, Life simulation

Mode(s): Single-player

Game Background

Chulip, stylized as Chu♥lip, is an adventure/simulation video game developed by Punchline and released on October 3, 2002 in Japan by Victor Interactive Software for the PlayStation 2 video game console. After numerous delays, the game was released in North America by Natsume on February 13, 2007 as a GameStop-exclusive title. Chulip was released on the PlayStation Network as a "PS2 Classic" on December 4, 2012, exclusively in North America.