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Clock Tower is a survival horror point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Human Entertainment for the Super Famicom in 1995. ... Jennifer & her friends will have a hard time escaping their "new home". Especially because of a scissor-wielding psycho lurking throughout a secluded, medieval mansion up in the norwegian mountains.



_____ 1.7 Walkthrough Of Clock Tower: Preface _____ I have made this walkthrough to show you how to get the different endings of Clock Tower. These, I hope, are helpful enough to aid you in your escape, and good enough to capture your interest. However, as many of the ending methods are similar in many ways, there are many things that are ...

Clock Tower was a Super Famicom game released by Human in 1994. It's a point and click adventure like good ol' Sierra and Micropose's PC games, with an slight twist: It's the first "Survival...

For Clock Tower on the Super Nintendo, Guide and Walkthrough by Lord Zero.

_____ Clock Tower: First Fear (SNES) Spoiler-Free Speed Walkthrough _____ _____ Intro _____ This is a guide for those who have beaten the game once or at least know where all the rooms are. The intent of this guide is to provide concise explanations of what to do for a quick way of achieving each ending.

For Clock Tower on the Super Nintendo, Guide and Walkthrough by zerobassng.


A playthrough of Human Entertainment's 1995 point-and-click/survival horror adventure game for the Super Nintendo, Clock Tower. You can find my playthrough o...

Buenas gente otro juego más este juego me lo dijo una persona en un mensaje y la verdad es muy entretenido si tienen más que quieren que haga una partida de ...

Welcome to the Windows version of Clock Tower where I try to find out how to leave this death trap of a Mansion.

A playthrough of Human Entertainment's 1997 survival horror adventure game for the Sony Playstation, Clock Tower: The First Fear. The Japanese-exclusive Cloc...

Apparently the game decided to give me the most uneventful playthrough possible, plus pixel hunting is impossible. What an exprience. ._____. https://www.tw...



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