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Commander Keen Episode IV: Secret of the Oracle - Walkthrough. Monday, January 18. Mon, Jan 18. ... Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle.

Commander Keen 4 ===== Secret of the Oracle In my opinion, the best game in the Keen series, although Aliens Ate My Babysitter comes close. And it has more weird critters than Keen 5 or 6! This is a list of tricks, secret areas, and how to deal with enemies. Tricks *At Easy level you can pogo one square higher than usual.

1. I must not use cheats, save states, trainers, hacking devices etc. to progress through the game. I play the game as it is and if I can't get any further then I quit. (Or run off to check a walkthrough.) 2. I must not read the manual before playing or play fan translations.


Time for another walkthrough! This is the start of Commander Keen Episode 4, Secret of the Oracle. Commander Keen, aka Billy Blaze, is in his backyard clubhouse listening to a special kind of ...

(starting from Slug Village) Bunnylop asked to see the harder levels, so he's going to get the harder levels. This *complete playthrough starts after the first few tutorial stages. This games is ...

Level 4 - The Mansion - of my Commander Keen Episode 7 walkthrough on Easy. Enjoy! :)

Time for some payback on the Cave of the Descendants. And after that, we should look for the swimming gear in Miragia. Game made by id Software and published by Apogee Software. http ...

Level 12 - Elevator Access Station - of my Commander Keen Episode 9 walkthrough on Easy. Enjoy! :)

Walkthrough of the secret Commander Keen 4 level named "Pyramid of the Forbidden" on the fastest speed I could achieve. A little over 4 minutes. Saved a couple of times, but cut these parts out ...

Straight to the temples! I wanted to ride the flying foot again, so naturally this was my first stop. This level actually gave me a bit of trouble, the floor with the Arachnut (Big green ...

Level 8 of Commander Keen Episode 4 on Easy. Enjoy! :) In this level we obtain the scuba gear, so now Keen can swim around in the water.





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