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Just UpdatedCPUCores fully supports VR-based games!

CPUCores fully supports all launcher-based games including Skyrim, Minecraft, GTA-V, and more!

Fully supports Steam-based games as well as non-Steam games and applications!

About the Software

CPUCores automatically detects all of your Steam games. It also automatically integrates with Steam's ability to launch a game. You simply have to run CPUCores from within Steam, select the Steam game you wish to run optimally, then click the "START GAME" button within CPUCores. That's it!

CPUCores does multiple things to optimize your OS. To start, CPUCores will isolate your entire OS to your first core. Secondly,..

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This full game walkthrough for CPUCores :: Maximize Your FPS is currently in progress. If you would like to help us write this walkthrough, please post in here.

Walkthrough; Reviews; Scores; CPUCores :: Maximize Your FPS. Latest CPUCores :: Maximize Your FPS News. Steam Sale Roundup: September 8th, 2020. Here are the latest Steam sales.Please click on the appropriate flag to see prices in your region. You can also filter, sort and manage your Price Alerts from the Steam Sales page.Please click the ...

Achievement Guide Getting all the "Cores" achievements in almost any PC. For this, you will need…

List of all the Achievements for the DLC packs in CPUCores :: Maximize Your FPS, including their rarity and guides to getting them





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