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Speed up dialogue: Hold [X]. Initiate or skip dialogue: Press [Square]. Vehicle controls: See the appropriate sections in the walkthrough. ~~~~~ - GAME OVERVIEW - ~~~~~ The structure of Croc 2 is fairly straightforward. Croc will travel through a series of Gobbo villages.

----- ----- 01.02 Introduction to Croc 2 ----- Croc 2 is a good adventure game, which you control Croc, a cool crocodile in his journey of helping the Gobbo creatures. Your story, as Croc, begins ...

The boss levels, as the name implies, have a boss. Each world has two, with the exception of the Inca village, which has only one. The player must complete three levels to unlock the first boss and the remaining two levels to unlock the second. Once the second boss has been defeated, Croc can progress to the next world.

After you get used to the controls of Croc 2, it's time to begin. Push the big box in front of your landing position, and put it on the brown square over there. Jump on it, and talk to the Gobbo...

For Croc 2 on the PC, Guide and Walkthrough by Robshi. ===== Croc 2 FAQ/Walkthrough (Playstation) Version 1.00 Written by Robshi Last updated: 30/01/2004 ===== ===== Section 1: Contents ===== Section 1: Contents Section 2: Introduction Section 3: Version History Section 4: Controls Section 5: Items Section 6: Bestiary Section 7: Walkthrough Section 8: Contacting Me Section 9: Credits Section ...

The sequel to the titular cute crocodile's platforming adventure, taking him through numerous Gobbo villages to find the whereabouts of his long-lost parents.


Croc 2 walkthrough. All crystals. All puzzle pieces. No damage. All levels. Loading screens are skipped. 100% completion guide.0:00:00 Intro===Sailor Village...

Gameplay/walkthrough of every level in all four Villages in the original Croc 2 game for PC and 100% completion!Enjoy!The Story of Croc:A baby Crocodile was ...

CHECK DESCRIPTION FOR DETAILS !Welcome to my video walkthrough series of Croc 2, provided with commentary and videos rendered in 1080p HD quality. The aim of...

Play as Croc and find your way through the 4 Villages of the Gobbo Kingdom. Watch the complete, step by step walkthrough of the original Croc 2 game for PC and how to complete the game!

Croc 2 received mixed reviews, with critics particularly praising the game's graphics while criticizing its camera and difficulty. PC Hardware CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K



  • Argonaut Software
  • Argonaut Games

Game Data

Release date(s): PlayStation 3 August 1999: EU Windows 7 March 2000: EU Game Boy Color 25 January 2001: EU

Genre(s): Platform

Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer

Game Background

Croc 2 is a platform video game developed by Argonaut Software and published by Fox Interactive. The sequel to Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, it revolves around the title character going on a quest to search for his missing parents, as well as saving the Inventor Gobbo from a revived Baron Dante. Croc 2 was released for the Sony PlayStation in 1999, and later for Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Color in 2000 and 2001, respectively. A port of the game for the Dreamcast was also planned but ultimately cancelled. The game's release was accompanied by a heavy advertising campaign, with Fox cross-promoting the game alongside Nabisco's "Gummi Savers" brand of candy. Croc 2 received mixed reviews, with critics particularly praising the game's graphics while criticizing its camera and difficulty.


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