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Crusader Kings II is a global RTS which takes place in the Middle Ages of Europe. The players will govern a house of nobility of that time, and ensure that its heritage will last for centuries. The second installment of the series fills the gap in the developer’s continuum of global strategies, allowing for lengthy grand campaigns and world conquests.

The main points of interest in the game are your noble house, holdings, and vassals. Players can engage in diplomacy between neighboring households, sign treaties and create a bloodline between two families, forge documents and declare wars. However, the primary..

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Category:Walkthroughs. This category is for all walkthroughs. The walkthroughs are only meant as guidance to help you develop your own strategy, as the game's dynamic nature means that no two playthroughs will ever be the same. At times you might have to improvise in order to respond to events outside the scope of the guides.

General Advice for Counts []. If you don't have the Jade Dragon expansion, your primary means of expansion in the early game will be fabricated claims, so you will want to have a chancellor with a high diplomacy score. The stats of your courtiers is randomized at the beginning of every game, and the fabrication of claims will proceed far quicker with a good chancellor than a poor one.

SPQR walkthrough. From Crusader Kings II Wiki. ... can be found in the game files "Crusader Kings II/events/roman_events.txt" and the regions used therein are defined in "Crusader Kings II/map/geographical_region.txt". A list of the required duchies can also be found here.

The Kingdom of Leon is a interesting start for any player. Though much more of a risky game than playing as an independent Irish count or a larger kingdom, a player will find that Leon is a land of great opportunity for a strong King or Queen who wishes to be known as the Conquistador. "To The Strongest" [] So said Alexander the Great on his death-bed, when asked of his succession plan.

At the Early Middle Ages bookmark, the Chiefdom of Gotland, located on the small Island of Gotland near Sweden, is independant and lead by 38 years old Þorfinn of Gotland.At the Viking age bookmark, the Chiefdom of Gotland is still independant and lead by 26 years old Steinn of Gotland.. By starting as one these characters, you can gain the "Got Land" achievement by creating the Scandinavian ...

At the Stamford Bridge bookmark, King Svend II is the 47-year-old ruler of Denmark. He begins with a claim on the Kingdom of England, which is initially contested by both Normandy and Norway. If he personally becomes King of England, he wins the "Outside Bet" achievement.If this is his goal, he must remain healthy while quickly gaining the power needed to press his claim.

Crusader Kings II is a game that is very advanced and has a lot of in-depth mechanics. For that reason, it can be hard to understand all of the various different things that are going on. However ...

THANK YOU for taking the time and reading my detailed Crusader Kings II (2.3.2) guide! While obviously this walkthrough is not historically accurate, I took inspiration from actual events [en.wikipedia.org]. The Rurikids did successfully defend the lands from all outside threats, they raided the Byzantine Empire, conquered Kiev to make it their ...

It's a detailed walkthrough for Rurik, the father of the Russian Empire. Rurik and the Kievan Rus. A Guide for Crusader Kings II. By: Burn. The Slavic people lived in constant fear of their Suomenusko, Tengri and Romuva neighbors. Unable to agree upon one King, the Slavic rulers foolishly waged war on each other. Hope you'll enjoy the guide.


Hey guys, this is the 1st part of this Playthrough / Walkthrough / Let's Play of the Real Time Strategy Simulator Game Crusader Kings II for PC featuring Gameplay with Live English Commentary!

Hey guys, this is the 1st part of this Playthrough / Walkthrough / Let's Play of the Real Time Strategy Simulator Game Crusader Kings II for PC featuring Gameplay with Live English Commentary!

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Game Data

Release date(s): Microsoft Windows, February 14, 2012, OS X, May 24, 2012, Linux, January 14, 2013

Genre(s): Grand strategy, role-playing

Mode(s): Single-player, Multiplayer

Game Background

Crusader Kings II is a grand strategy game set in the Middle Ages, developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive as a sequel to Crusader Kings. The game was released on February 14, 2012. In October 19, 2019, the game became free to play. A sequel, Crusader Kings III, was released on September 1, 2020. Crusader Kings II stood out from earlier Paradox Interactive games in that it attracted a more widespread audience, contributing to the growth of the company.


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