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  • Sony Imagesoft
  • 989 Studios
  • Sony Interactive Studios America

Game Data

Release date(s): PlayStation: September 9, 1995: EU, MS-DOS: NA: February 29, 1996

Genre(s): Racing

Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer

Game Background

ESPN Extreme Games was a game released for the PlayStation in 1995. A version was released for MS-DOS a short time later. The game featured all the sports included in the Summer X-Games of 1995, but it did not feature events like the half pipe in skateboarding. It was similar to Road Rash, which was a game published by Electronic Arts. The game was followed by two sequels, 2Xtreme and 3Xtreme. Like other titles released during the console's early life, the game was available in a large CD jewel case, like the ones used for the Sega CD and Sega Saturn games. The game was subsequently renamed 1Xtreme when it was released in the Greatest Hits line, as the ESPN license had expired. The ESPN logo and company name were removed from its title, and game content referring to ESPN was removed as well.