Feudal Alloy Review

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While the game’s gameplay and engrossing aesthetics are both enjoyable, it suffers from a lack of a narrative. While most Metroidvania games are defined by their gameplay, Feudal Alloy relies on the same formula. It doesn’t have a compelling story, and it lacks an Arc. Nevertheless, it has a few redeeming qualities that make it worthy of your time.

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Despite the game’s rough start, Feudal Alloy makes up for it with an excellent style and solid mechanics. Once the introductory portion is tweaked, I’ll recommend it unconditionally. That said, I’m not going to give Feudal Alloy a five-star review just yet, as its flaws make it a frustrating experience in the early going. However, once it’s fully balanced, I’ll recommend it to everyone.

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The game’s movement is excellent, and the unlockable skills are not related to items, but to Attu progress. The classic double jump, wall jump, and mid-air dash are just a few of the skills you can use to get around in Feudal Alloy. You can also take advantage of the game’s unique overheating system to gain an edge over your opponents. It’s worth playing for at least twelve to fifteen hours to unlock all of the game’s unlocked achievements.

Feudal Alloy is an action-platformer in the vein of Metroid. The story follows a fish-controlled robot called Attu, who must fight off local bandits. The game’s sketch-based art style makes for an engaging experience, but there are some weak points. While it has a good idea, it doesn’t have enough story development. Despite its great premise, Feudal Alloy’s biggest flaw is its lack of story development. Despite being an extremely popular title, Feudal Alloy is still lacking in a great deal of other respects.

Feudal Alloy’s combat system is nuanced and requires strategic thinking. While it’s manageable early on to fend off a single enemy, a handful of enemies is more difficult and requires more thought. The enemy’s stats and attack patterns vary widely, so a quick button-mash will leave you vulnerable. Furthermore, a limited steam capacity forces you to think more carefully about what modules to use and when.

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