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The Guild Wars 2 Starter Guide intends to answer questions you have about the game and to generally help introduce you to GW2's

The Guild Wars 2 Walkthrough will guide you through the entire playthrough of the game and give you the best strategy to completing it. The Guild Wars 2 Walkthrough will guide you through the story of the entire gameplay that you see here in the videos below. It will guide you from the beginning where you step in and you start creating your own character in the game as you will need to choose ...

Walkthrough . Listen to the negotiations fail when Smodur interrupts them. Ignoring Ryland's invulnerable allies, chase Ryland across the map to the bridge. This setting will be familiar if you have played through the Cold War strike mission. Fight off the numerous waves of minor Frost Legion (Jormag corrupted) Charr.

Mystery of the Labyrinth (puzzle) From Guild Wars 2 Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. ... Walkthrough. Room #1. After you enter the gate, activate the Raven Lock to be able to enter in the first labyrinth room. Activate one of the two statues (located on both right and left side) to begin the light puzzle. ...

Walkthrough Thaw Elixir is required to enter The Bitter Cold region of the map. Logging out will remove the Cold Resistance effect granted by the Elixir, as does the Daily Reset , so it is important to give yourself enough time to complete the instance before making the elixir.

Walkthrough . Walk with Bangar through the Darkrime Delves, clearing out the Stone Summit as required. He will prompt the player to open ice walls with skill 2 from the special action weapon skillbar, and to operate gates/elevators with levers. Eventually you'll meet up with Almorra to defeat a Svanir champion on a bridge.

Walkthrough Section-stub. This key section of the article is incomplete. ... Section-stub. This key section of the article is incomplete. You can help the Guild Wars 2 Wiki by expanding it. Reason: Page numbers rearranged to ... → Unlocked after completing the Mysterious Journal. Trivia . This achievement was added on May 26, 2020. References ...

Walkthrough Collecting ordinance . Go to the green circled area in Port Cascadia. To obtain the ordinance, interact with Sunken Submarines under the water. Your weapon skills will change; 4 of the skills will be an explosion, and 1 will be the ordinance. The order will be random. Press the ordinance icon correctly 5 times to recover it.

Walkthrough This chapter will direct the player through various areas of Tangled Depths , including Tangled Descent , Deeproot Sink , down to Ogre Lane , and finally Dragon's Passage . Then, the player is directed to take the entrance to Dragon's Stand where the mission ends at the Pact Base Camp Southern Waypoint.


This is also a Guild Wars 2 human mesmer walkthrough, since i'll be teaching you about the game, and the profession itself. You can use this mesmer walkthrough as a 1-80 leveling guide! I'm trying ...



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Game Data

Series: Guild Wars

Release date(s): August 28, 2012

Genre(s): MMORPG

Mode(s): Multiplayer

Game Background

Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by ArenaNet and published by NCSoft and ArenaNet. Set in the fantasy world of Tyria, the game follows the re-emergence of Destiny's Edge, a disbanded guild dedicated to fighting the Elder Dragons, a Lovecraftian species that has seized control of Tyria in the time since the original Guild Wars. The game takes place in a persistent world with a story that progresses in instanced environments. Guild Wars 2 claims to be unique in the genre by featuring a storyline that is responsive to player actions, something which is common in single player role-playing games but rarely seen in multiplayer ones. A dynamic event system replaces traditional questing, utilising the ripple effect to allow players to approach quests in different ways as part of a persistent world.