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inFAMOUS™ 2 is the 2nd chapter in one of the best selling franchises for the PS3™ system. Blamed for the destruction of Empire City and haunted by the ghosts of his past, Cole must make a dramatic journey to discover his full super-powered potential and face the final confrontation with a dark and terrifying enemy from his own future.

True Superhero Experience

Discover what it means to be a true superhero with epic boss battles and powerful cinematic sequences.

Advanced Super Powers

Experience enhanced electrical attacks, a visceral melee fighting system and new super powers.

All-New Open Dynamic World


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For more info, check out the subsequent sections. - inFamous 1 Data Import - The first inFamous was incredible. It was a journey that had two possible endings, with Cole ending up on one of two possible paths. With inFamous 2, you have the option to import Trophy data from inFamous 1 and reap some rewards in inFamous 2.

Infamous 2 Walkthrough. Infamous 2 opens in Empire City as a massive explosion destroys the whole town signaling the birth of a new evil. Cole escapes the city after a close encounter with the ...

For inFamous 2 on the PlayStation 3, Walkthrough by End of Days. INFAMOUS 2 WALKTHROUGH ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ This walkthrough is predominantly focused on the Evil missions, I may eventually add the Good missions but that would require a third playthrough which I am in no rush to do as I have a backlog of games, plus it's the summer.

inFAMOUS 2 Whether you’re new to the infamous franchise or you’ve been waiting on this sequel to release, the following FAQ Walkthrough is geared toward making your first few hours in New Marais a breeze. There is so much to do in the world of inFAMOUS 2 that writing a walkthrough with everything in it would be far too confusing.


Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat the game with these online demos. Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat the game with these online demos. Skip navigation ... inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 46: The Final Decision [inFamous 2 Evil Ending] by HowcastGaming. 9:13. inFamous 2 Walkthrough Side Missions Part 1: Going Overboard by ...

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Infamous 2 - Walkthrough Play all Share. Loading... Save. Sign in to YouTube. Sign in. infamous pic.mp4 by MrRetroKid91. 0:02. Infamous 2 - Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary by MrRetroKid91. 13:48. Infamous 2 - Walkthrough Part 2 [HD] by MrRetroKid91. 11:21.

This is a 100% walkthrough of infamous 2 for the ps3. Picking up Cole's epic adventure in another fantastic game. This is a 100% walkthrough of infamous 2. We are getting everything that infamous ...

inFamous 2 - Part 7 (Let's Play / Walkthrough / Playthrough) by TmarTn2. 10:35. inFamous 2 - Part 8 (Let's Play / Walkthrough / Playthrough) by TmarTn2. 10:14.

Hey everybody, this is my full playthrough for Infamous 2, running on the PS3. ... Infamous Second Son Full Game Walkthrough - No Commentary - Duration: 6:11:44. RabidRetrospectGames 509,944 views.

Complete Let's Play of Infamous 2 with cut scenes. Skip navigation ... inFamous 2 Hero and Evil Let's Play ... Infamous 2: EVIL Walkthrough Let's Play Eps. 10 Storm the Fort Exchange FIRE Powers w ...

Premiered May 29, 2019 InFamous 2 Full Game Walkthrough This is our Infamous 2 Gameplay Walkthrough that covers the Full Game of Infamous 2 with No Commentary and will be a primarily Good...




  • Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Sucker Punch Productions

Game Data

Series: Infamous

Release date(s): NA: June 7, 2011 EU: June 8, 2011 AUS: June 9, 2011 UK/IE/DE: June 10, 2011 JP: July 7, 2011

Genre(s): Action-adventure

Mode(s): Single-player

Game Background

Infamous 2 is an action-adventure video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 3 video game console. It is a sequel to the 2009 video game Infamous. Announced on June 4, 2010, the game was released on June 7, 2011. The story follows protagonist Cole MacGrath on his quest in New Marais to grow powerful enough to be able to face his nemesis, the Beast. Cole possesses electricity-based superpowers which are used in combat and navigating the city. The player is given several opportunities to use these powers for good or selfish purposes in the game's Karma system. The Karma system affects what powers become available, the reaction of the city's populace towards Cole, and the story. Development on Infamous 2 began immediately after Sucker Punch finished the first Infamous, led by returning game director Nate Fox. The game's music was composed by James Dooley, Bryan Mantia, the band Galactic, and Jonathan Mayer.


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