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Manhunt is a third-person stealth-action game developed by Rockstar Games. The game caused a lot of controversy for its violent scenes.


A death sentenced convict James awakens in Carcer City after his supposed execution by lethal injection. The protagonist finds himself equipped with an earpiece, in which he hears the voice of The Director. The Director offers James freedom in turn for helping The Director shoot his violent TV show. It is said that a gang called The Hoods is patrolling the neighborhood killing everyone they spot. James has to survive the night in Carcer City in order to..

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Manhunt Walkthrough. This walkthrough will tell you everything you need to know in order to survive Rockstar's most intense, visceral game yet. It includes a full walkthrough for every mission ...

For Manhunt on the PlayStation 2, Guide and Walkthrough by DEngel.

The sequel to Rockstar's sinister action game about a man who wakes up in a living nightmare where he is being stalked for sport and must fight his way out.

Move through it, and drop into the bathroom below. Explore the stalls to the left and drop into the shadows. Hit the wall to lure the hunter on patrol, then hug the wall until the stealth graphic...

A violent action game about a man who wakes up in a town filled with deadly gangs and is being urged by a mysterious voice to kill them brutally.

Welcome to the Manhunt wiki guide. You're a sick bastard, and you're the pawn in another sick bastard's plot. You're the star of a series of illegal videos steeped in blood in brutality.

All the other sections except the enemies and general tips section are done. V. .60 1-3-05 The walkthrough is done up to chapter 12. I also made all the paragraphs smaller. V. 80 1-17-05 Recomposed the "Stealth" and "Shooting" sections. I added the cool ASCII art as well. Finally I updated the walkthrough so It’s up to chapter 16.

Manhunt at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies


Manhunt PS4 Walkthrough Part 1 HD 1080p No Commentary FatalWounds187. ... Manhunt No Commentary Walkthrough Part 1 ... Manhunt PS4 Walkthrough Part 2 HD 1080p No Commentary - Duration: ...

Manhunt - Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?action_edit=1&list=PLKFPHM0tJAYg0ZrUYFBkvBsoZZ79bct8q Developer: Rockstar North. Publisher: Rocks...

As of March 26, 2008, the Manhunt series has sold 1.7 million copies worldwide. At the 7th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards, the game was nominated for "Console Action Adventure Game of the ...



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