Metro Exodus — Sam’s Story Review

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While Metro Exodus has a great story, there’s no doubt that the game’s setting and characters are significantly different. Sam’s Story is a DLC for Metro Exodus that takes its core gameplay and adds new characters and weapons. The first game in the series is still the best choice for newcomers looking to play more Metro games. We’ve compiled our Metro Exodus — Sam’s Story review below for you to read.

Sam’s Story is the second DLC episode for Metro Exodus. The story follows Sam, a US Marine stationed in the American embassy in Russia. While serving in the embassy, Sam has always longed for home, particularly to find his family. The DLC takes place in Vladivostok, which luckily avoided direct nuclear attack. In this way, Sam has to figure out a way to get home before his family does.

The Metro series has always been about storytelling, and Sam’s Story is no exception. While the story is linear and gated by recurring events, the game’s pacing is seamless and the side missions are a fun mix of Metro classics. As Sam’s story unfolds, he meets countless bandits and a veritable school of zombie ghouls. His quests also include irradiated swamp areas and giant bat attacks.

While Sam’s Story is a compelling and absorbing game, it’s also incredibly disappointing for those who like lengthy linear sequences. While Metro Exodus is a great game and one that’s worth playing, Sam’s Story isn’t for the faint-hearted. Whether or not you love the series or aren’t a fan, Sam’s Story is a must-have for anyone who enjoys Metro games.

While playing Metro Exodus, you’ll encounter many challenges, such as the infamous Seraph. This mysterious beast is the feared batwing that roams the city. When Baranov tries to zip line Sam to a lower tram station, Sam is swarmed by the Seraph in mid-air, stranded on a concrete support from the collapsed tram line. Sam is forced to fight the Seraphim and survive in a hostile environment.

Metro Exodus — Sam’s Story is a PC game that features survival and crafting mechanics. There are several new weapons, and the progression is long but not necessarily linear. Sam’s Story also has a new 1911 handgun called Stallion, an assault rifle named Sammy, and the Ashot pipe shotgun. The Valve sniper rifle returns, as does the Ashot pipe shotgun. While the Bastard pistol is a welcome addition, its inclusion in Metro Exodus is somewhat surprising.

Sam’s Story is one of the DLC missions for Metro Exodus. The first part of the game takes place in Aurora, where Sam is attempting to reach Vladivostok. While travelling through this city, Sam encounters a number of bandits. As he tries to save Baranov, he finds out that he may have uncovered some of the officers who helped the Captain dismantle the submarine. Killing the bandits won’t change Sam’s outcome, though it will give him an opportunity to collect more items and unlock new areas.

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