What is Open Season?

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If you are interested in English grammar, you’ve probably heard of open season. But what is open season, and what does it mean? Here’s a quick rundown. Open season refers to a period when hunting certain animals is not restricted, especially rabbits. It’s also used to describe the period when critics of a politician are free to attack their policy. The president has declared an «open season» on those politicians who don’t support his policies.

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While it may seem that open season means there are no restrictions on hunting and fishing, it is actually a period of time when it is legal to do these things. You can fish, hunt, and even catch game during open season. While it may seem like an overly simplistic explanation, it’s an important one. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive a confirmation statement in the mail or online. Be sure to print out your confirmation statement before the end of Open Season.

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Another way to save money on health insurance is to enroll in a flexible spending account (FSAFEDS). If you’re eligible, you may qualify for a tax-deductible account. Those accounts can help cover medical expenses as well as childcare expenses. But remember, the enrollment period is short — only one open season is allowed every year. You should sign up for both FEDVIP and FSAFEDS if you want to save money on these expenses.

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