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Grow a squad of adorable, plantlike Pikmin to traverse a strange world and save your planet.

Command a capable crop of 5 different types of Pikmin™ to strategically overcome obstacles, defeat creatures, and find food for your famished home planet! You can even bring a second player along to divvy up tasks as you explore a world that seems larger than life from a pint-sized perspective.

Pikmin at your pace

Return to your ship before time runs out, or you (and your Pikmin) could be in big trouble. If you prefer a more casual approach, a variety of difficulty settings,..

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  • Nintendo

Game Data

Series: Pikmin

Release date(s): October 30th 2020

Genre(s): Real-time strategy

Game Background

Pikmin 3 Deluxe is a upcoming real-time strategy game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch video game console. It is a port of the Wii U game Pikmin 3. It will release 30th October 2020, and includes new content, as well as the all the DLC from the original release. New content will include new prologue and epilogue missions, the Piklopedia, the entire campaign playable in co-op and new difficulty settings.