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Realm of the Mad God is a multiplayer-only cooperative game in which teams of players hunt for monsters. The game uses a minimalistic retro-pixelated visual style with very simple animations.


According to the game's backstory, the mad god Oryx kidnapped the protagonists and transported them to his dark dimension. He is going to use them as food for his hordes of monsters. However, the protagonists have weapons, and they will fight back.


Most of the gameplay consists of slaying monsters with a fantasy version of firearms. The game uses the top-down third-person view. The player controls his or..

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Realm of the Mad God is an online co-op fantasy MMO shooter from Wild Shadow Studios. Taking on the enemies that await you in this crazy game can be one difficult task, but using Gamezebo’s quick...

Overview []. Realm of the Mad God (RotMG) is a mmorpg, bullet hell, and completely free in/out browser game. The game is based on using different classes and making the best hero you can and ...

The walkthrough will realm of the mad god item hack free download realm of the mad god free download - Realm of the Mad God, guide for realm of the mad god free download Realm of the Mad God Dupe Clients First duplicating items in Realm of the Mad God was a trivial thing to do and everyone took advantage of it. 5/03/2012В В· Bullet hell ...

Follow the Realm of the Mad God Walkthrough which it will guide you to complete your own gameplay and help you strategize against your opponent. The walkthrough will also take you from the beginning to the end and provide you with some tips and tricks. As there is a mad god in each level you …

On June 20, 2011 Realm of the Mad God was released on the Chrome Web Store. This was the first time RotMG was made available outside of the official, original website.

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#realmofthemadgodexalt #realmofthemadgod #rotmgThe first episode of my Realm of the Mad God Exalt walkthrough series. We start our journey on a ready-made Pa...

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This is my leveling guide to Realm of the mad god, having leveled a LOT of characters (sadly) i have noticed what gives more exp, and i have found that ofcou...

Realm of the Mad God is a Free to Play Action RPG from Kabam and Wild Shadow Entertainment. This walktrhough goes over everything you should need to know to get started multiboxing Realm of the ...

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Realm of the Mad God -dal fogunk most kicsit nyomulni. A felvétel előtt nem játszottam bele a játékba, szóval teljesen váratlanul fog érni az a káosz, ami fogad. Fő csatorna: youtube.com ...



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Game Data

Release date(s): Windows, Mac WW: June 20, 2011

Genre(s): MMORPG, Shoot 'em up, Roguelike

Mode(s): Multiplayer

Game Background

Realm of the Mad God is a massively multiplayer online shooter video game co-created by Wild Shadow Studios and currently owned and developed by DECA Games. It was in public beta from January 2010 and the browser version launched on June 20, 2011. On February 20, 2012 the game was made available on the digital distribution platform Steam for Microsoft Windows and OS X. The game has been described as a "massively-multiplayer cooperative bullet hell shooter" with an 8-bit pixelated art style. Players control characters who have been transported to the realm of Oryx to become food for his many minions and abominations, which the players must dispatch. Central to the design of the game is the fact that character death is permanent. Upon death, the player's character is lost along with all of its carried equipment, although the player can store a number of items for safekeeping in a limited capacity vault away from danger.