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Indie adventure game called Sally Face was developed by Portable Moose. It follows the titular character Sal Fisher, who has a prosthetic face. Sal and his friends investigate a series of murders in the local area. There are five episodes in total. Each one has a different theme, so it’s worth trying them all. You’ll see if you like the concept or not! If you are not familiar with Sally Face, read this article to learn more about the game.

The story in Sally Face is wacky and entertaining, with several twists and surprises along the way. The game’s puzzles are tricky, but never feel like they’re holding the player back. Throughout, you’ll need to use your intelligence to solve puzzles and find hidden objects, which will allow you to advance in the story. The game will require a lot of patience, so make sure to give it time to finish all the levels.

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The game is available on Steam. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. To play Sally Face, you’ll need a free Steam account. There are three different ways to play Sally Face: with Steam, or by downloading it from the official website. If you use Steam, you’ll need to install the game. Depending on the platform you use, you can find the game on your computer’s desktop or laptop.

Sally Face is a unique game, despite being created by a single person. While the game is strange, it’s still compelling, and there are a few different approaches to playing the game. There are also a few elements of the story that are unorthodox, but all are essential for a good video game. The first one is how it uses text heavy exposition to establish the world of the characters. Its art style is a mix of cartoony and gritty, which blends well with the storyline.

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Another element of Sally Face that is unique is the ability to play the game through multiple perspectives. In the game, you are the one who controls Sal Fisher, the titular character. With the help of a handheld video game system, Sal Fisher is able to talk to the dead. She uses this ability to investigate mysterious murders in her town. The game is a great example of how to write a story with a game in this style.

While it may not seem graphic, Sally Face does have references to sexual acts and affairs. In addition to unmarried couples with children, there is also a gay couple. The ending of the game feels somewhat final, although it does feature some scenes where full body nudity is displayed. Some people might get caught by this, but it will likely be easy to ignore this part of the game. So, it’s not a movie you’ll want to skip if you’re not comfortable with that kind of content.

Sally Face is a story-driven adventure game that mixes puzzle-solving and dialogue. The game is broken up into chapters called Episodes. Each episode contains several optional puzzles and minigames that can be completed during each chapter. The game supports both Xbox 360 controllers and keyboard controls. There is also a full manual for the game, and it’s not difficult to figure out how to play it. If you enjoy playing games, Sally Face is one to play.

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